Otakon 2k9 Saturday: The Sickness Takes Hold

18 07 2009

Con-rot has set in. Either that or the cold Jen contracted last week was passed on to us; Andy and I both woke up ill today — congested, headache, etc. We immediately obtained Dayquil but it still managed to take the wind from our sails.

Fortunately, I had very little plans for today. Wake up late, do a quick dealer’s crawl perhaps, then AMVs. For a change I stuck with Jen and Andy today instead of striking out on my own; we did everything as a group, which was fun indeed. Even got some Food Court of Doom chow and the largest ice cream I’ve had to tangle with. Still, it was a thin day that we ended early since everybody was so tired.

The AMVs themselves were kinda meh. I know I keep slamming Otakon and claiming I’m having fun anyway, and it holds true here — we enjoyed watching AMVs in general, even if none of them really grabbed us and made us go “YES! AWESOME!”. It did tune me into some anime that looked visually interesting, like Soul Eater and K-On!, so I’ll have to look into those… but the rest, eh.

Tomorrow we gotta wake up early… Jen and Andy for a steampunk costuming panel, me for Afro Samurai. Then we’ll head home and recouperate.

I think it’s definitely our last Otakon for awhile. Just being here is a nice treat, but it’s clear we’re not getting much out of the con itself, just the con atmosphere and the con feature sets. We’ll be trying PAX East next year; maybe gamer-flavored conning will be more to taste.




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19 07 2009

Just a heads-up, watching K-On! can give you diabetes and feet fetish.
It’s animated greatly, and the op/ed sequences are great but if you didn’t like talking animu like, dunno, Azumanga Daioh or Hidamari Sketch, there’s nothing here that will make you like it.

19 07 2009

K-On is so cute. My husband and I are currently watching it, actually. One episode each night. I highly recommend it!

19 07 2009

Second that recommendation for K-ON! On the plus side, it’s a fun short series. On the downside, it’s a fun short series that could have gone on for at least 13 more episodes than it did. Which I guess can be said of many “slice of life” series where you want to find out how they grow up and stuphs.

19 07 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Re: K-On!
Azumanga Diaoh is adorableness incarnate. I like it lots. Ergo I’ll probably dig K-On!.

19 07 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

That’s fine. Lately I prefer short runs; one reason I’m avoiding Code Geass is because it’s 103+ episode slong. Good god, y’all. (Plus its blend of the Student Council tropes and Giant Mecha tropes and Xanatos Roulette tropes is a bit oddball, very design by committee.)

19 07 2009

Code Geass is only 50 episodes, I believe. Standard Gundam-length series.

19 07 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

More than enough for me. If you’re doing one a day and renting the discs, sure, but buying that many DVDs just so you can slog you way through it is a weird proposition.

19 07 2009

I caught it during its Adult Swim run myself. The first half is streaming legally somewhere, with the second likely to follow.
(I’d say “Physical media is for suckers” or something, but I just bought the Black Lagoon first season box set, so what the hell do I know?)

21 07 2009

Oh, BTW, if you want some other semi-recent anime picks, do try Dennou Coil (basically My Neighbour Totoro + Neuromancer, don’t ask), Xam’d: Lost Memories or Eden of the East.
First two standard season length, last one a short run (11 episodes).

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