anachronauts 01: Prison Non-Break

20 06 2009

And the saga continues.

After all that balls to the wall action and mysterious character after mysterious character, it made sense to sit down and just hash things out. It’s a standard writing style for me… frenzy punctuated by characters sharing their thoughts with each other. I love writing both, because both show your characters in different ways.

I can’t claim I’ll have new draft content up every day, or on any sort of schedule. Even if my writing usually follows a webcomic-y style of regular updates, the muse sometimes bumrushes me (as she is now) and sometimes wanders off for awhile until I can find inspiration. So, I may be spamming you with hopefully-awesome things now, but no promises, y’hear?

Feedback welcome on the new section of the story — and on past sections, if you’ve got anything you haven’t talked about yet.




4 responses

20 06 2009

Just one typo.
“Olney’s jailhouse as every inch the primitive”
Does Johnson wear a coon-skin cap too?
Also, can’t wait to find out what the officer has planned. :)

21 06 2009

First, I can see the spell now, if that’s what you mean by an in-line GIF.
I’m not entirely sure about the “Arguably Good Witch of the West” thing. Are there enough copies of the Wizard of Oz (book or film) around to make that something bitterly funny you’d say to a stranger? (I know, here I am trying to make sure that anachronisms don’t creep into a story called “Anachronauts,” but still…)

21 06 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Actually, that’s meant to be a bit of world-building evidence, that the story DID survive in some form. Just like how Edgar knows about kung fu movies and has “recordings” of them, even if they were difficult to come by.
Since she said it to a stranger, it means it’s still part of commonality — or she’s cracking a joke for her own amusement and doesn’t care if he gets it, take your pick.

21 06 2009

That “Arguably Good Witch of the West” line gets a smile out of me every time I think of it.

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