Tid’s Bits and the Fog

13 06 2009

Haven’t blogged in awhile. It’s 3am, I really should be sleeping, but I’m gonna do a quick posting to get me in a writing mood for reasons which will be apparent.

By and large this week has been about adjusting to my new work schedule and dealing with things. The new schedule’s VERY nice, in that I’m working from home far more than before (due to the office now being an hour and change away, across nasty as hell back roads). Working here is quite comfy cozy. I’m slightly more removed from the peeps I work with, but even when I’m in the office I only see a face now and then. My biz is primarily the email thing.

I’ve got some actual fan letters in my mailbox I need to reply to soon. I always seem to delay replying to them. Never sure what to say beyond “Thanks, glad you like my stuff!”.

We need to get off our ass and do some SL work. There’s three big projects in the works, maybe four if you count one as big, and hopefully it’ll help stave off the downturn we’re seeing due to the gorram frakking Lindens and their damn chat bugs.

Still waiting on COH Issue 15. I wanna write again, and I only had two hours of fun with Issue 14 before I filled my slots and could do nothing more. Wahoo.

…and I’m pondering a writing project.

It’s REALLY vague right now. I have ideas. Character sketches. A world concept. But it doesn’t feel right, yet. It doesn’t have the combination of factors I want… characters which complement each other in terms of motivation and ability. A logical and cohesive power structure. Or, well, a PLOT.

But the primary problem is the scope — if I do this the way I’m thinking it’s gonna be another one of those, the epic fantasy RPG journey from yon humble village to overthrow the Dark Whoevers. I’m not sure I have it in me to tackle something that large in scale. I haven’t done a major writing project in awhile, other than the semi-half-baked iai project.

Still… this one keeps eating at me, nagging. It wants to be told. It just needs to be given enough of a rough shape to get off the ground and see where it ends up. It’s not like Unreal Estate or Sailor Nothing were 100% planned from start to finish when I launched those (which explains the occasional Episode One Doesn’t Mesh With The Rest continuity flub). So, we’ll see. if anything comes of this, you’ll hear about it first here.

I’ll tease, as is my nature. I’ve got a sort-of title. It needs a better one; Sailor Nothing and Unreal Estate worked GREAT because they had snappy titles that encapsulated their concepts. This one encapsulates but is not snappy.

The working title is “Broomsticks, Jetpacks, and Kalashnikovs.”

Now, back to bed.




10 responses

13 06 2009

Maybe reading other people’s piles of utter Trash or some really good Fan Fiction might get the creative juices flowing.

13 06 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Actually, my indirect inspiration this time is the Dresden Files. I’ve been obsessively pounding my way through the whole series, one book at a time, on my Kindle. (I’m on Proven Guilty right now.) It’s the first Urban Fantasy series I’ve been interested in, since it’s a dramedy, and it doesn’t focus so much on pretentious glittery sexy vampires.
Indirect inspirations are handy things. Take an idea someone else had, and use it to start thinking along new lines, making a tangent or offshoot concept. For instance, Unreal Estate’s indirects were Love Hina and Outlaw Star, but it resembles neither to any great degree.

14 06 2009

I just pointed someone at UU. Your fame continues to expand.
Also, give me a broomstick and a Kalashnikov, and you can keep the jet-pack.

14 06 2009

After looking at your working title I am both intrigued and slightly terrified.

14 06 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

To be fair, I’ve decided against the kalashnikov. This guy’s more a sniper type. Which means if I do get this to work I’dve written TWO stories with emotionally dampened sniper assassins, but hey, if it works…

14 06 2009

The title makes me think “Bedknobs and Jetpacks.” :)

14 06 2009

Broomsticks & Boomsticks :P

14 06 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

A good title — but by posting anonymously I can’t follow up to legally ask you for the rights to use it. Damn. x.x

14 06 2009

“Bedknobs and Boomsticks” was what went through my head.

18 06 2009

Aren’t those the best KIND of sniper assassins?? Well, unless they’re using Jarate…

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