E3 2009: Nintendo & Sony Press Conf Twitterspasms

2 06 2009

Worked well for me yesterday, so hey! Nintendo’s first, Sony’s once I can quickly review a blogfeed of it between tasks.

  • Nintendo’s keynote comin’ up. I’ll twitterate it, why nots. Gonna be hard to impress me; waggle is tired. Give me something FUN and new.
  • I predict: A bunch of stupid toys and casual game ideas everybody scoffs at which go on to sell MILLIONS to bored housewives and kids.
  • “At Nintendo, we’ve been working nonstop at what sounds like a simple plan: Sunshine, lollipops, rainbows, unicorns, and free puppies!”
  • Super Mario Bros Wii. My god, I actually LIKE this. No waggle! Classic playstyle! 4 player coop! …online, I hope? I have no local buddies.
  • No mention of online. I’ll guess no. That’d make this a day one purchase to a day none for me… getting 3 other dudes to play unlikely.
  • More Wii Fit silliness and I tune out. Not my thing. Save it for folks with fully functioning limbs.
  • I hope I can cut the rubbery condom thing off the Wii Motion Plus. I hate that. Feels creepy to the touch and patronizing to the player.
  • Wii Sports Resort. eh. I dug bowling from the original but that’s it. I can’t do the kind of motions these things want, especially w/plus.
  • Some uninteresting Square stuff. The KH franchise is now exclusively about bad haircuts, black robes, and emo.
  • I’m not seeing a good reason to upgrade to DSi and lose my GBA slot. Nintendo, it’s your show — give me a good reason beyond Wacky Photos.
  • WarioWare DIY… mmmmaybe. But I have plenty of DIY game kits already (LBP, COH, heck, even NWN). Also — Oh no not more facebook. WTF.
  • Egh. I’m gonna need a damn FaceBook account, I just know it. It’s too integrated into things. Fine; may as well while I can get my own name.
  • …the bold new way to play games for casual and hardcore alike… is a medical monitor. I should not be surprised. Wii Fit = Scale, yanno.
  • Oh, and Super Mario Galaxy 2. “Wii Pulse Monitor” kinda yoinked the anticipation from the room though. And… seems to be over. Rating: Meh.
  • Oh, and a Metroid game. I care not, so I’ll keep my Meh. Next up: Sony!

OVERALL: Meh. The only thing that really reached out to me was the new four player Mario game. It looks supremely awesome, but if they don’t take that thing online it’s going to be another sad example of Nintendo not getting it. Online, preferably with voice chat, is where you need to go for multiplayer in the 21st century. No excuses. Thanks to Wii’s shortsightedness this may not happen; friend codes, lack of a bundled mike, and overall lack of understanding of online community get in the way.

  • Sony time. In an effort to cut down on the twitteraterating, I’ll just speak up if something is really awesome or really pathetic.
  • The PSPGo is what the PSP should’ve been. It makes perfect sense in an iPhone gaming era to have it be networked and self-contained.
  • Still, making sure all new games are on UMD and online delivery, and offering the same video service on both… classy move. Props.
  • I’m impressed. They’re really serious about releasing major franchise AAA+ titles on the PSP. MGS, RE, etc. I.. MIGHT look into PSPgo.
  • …aww, jeez, and Rock Band Unplugged, too! My will is weakening. Maybe the controls suck for my hands! That’d do it! …must investigate.
  • And then you have Home, which exists for no reason other than advertising. Derailed! But hey, more PS1 classics comin’ as downloadables.
  • Rockstar announces a 1970s espionage game. You know this is just an excuse to put together an awesome R* decade based soundtrack.
  • “You will get to use Da Vinci as your personal retro Q.” I gotta say, I love the concepts behind the Assassin’s Creed series.
  • Oho. It seems FF14 is a successor to FF11… and a PS3 exclusive. Good hardware platform for it, built in hard drive and networking. Smart.
  • Looky looky, Sony’s got motion control too. Wand-based, but hey. So which is more accurate and versatile… Wii, Natal, or Sony’s wands?
  • Aaand done. I have to say, they delivered more than I thought they would. A solid game lineup, some surprises, a good approach. Thumbs up.

OVERALL: Not bad. They didn’t blow doors down but I’d say they made their case for why they’re a powerful force in gaming rather than an also-ran. They’ve got enough unique content and a really good approach to the portable that I’ll give props. I also suspect when folks are complaining in a year’s time about 360’s Natal purely-camera based motion control screwing up left and right, like how Wii’s miracle motion control ended up an inaccurate pile of waggle, the PS3’s wand based motion control wins the accuracy contest. Just a guess… but it seems like a best of both worlds scenario without a lot of “You SURE that’s possible?” image recognition tech driving it like Natal has.




12 responses

2 06 2009

The loss of the abiliaty to play old games is the reason I’d be reluctant to upgrade to the new PSP too. The UMDs were stupid to begin with, but I made a huge investment in games in them, and you’re going to force me to carry around the old toy AND the new one if I want to be able to play them still?

2 06 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

The smart thing to do would be to design some software for the old PSP that lets you copy the UMDs from the old PSP to the new PSP. Sure, encrypt or authenticate them somehow, but otherwise let ’em migrate properly. Problem is, piracy concerns (rent a game and rip it) will always murder ideas like that.

2 06 2009

FFXI started out as a PS2 exclusive in Japan before being ported to the PC (and eventually the XBox 360). I’m betting FF14 isn’t going to stay platform-exclusive for long.
As someone who’s played FFXI on the PC for almost five years now, I’m having a hard time being excited about this. I can see the playerbase splitting, and considering how group-oriented FFXI is (but that’s a rant for another post entirely), it doesn’t look good for those of us still enjoying FFXI. There’ve been rumors of a new Squenix MMO for a while, but making it FF14 as opposed to some other sort of game is bound to get the FF completionists into it, just like FFXI did.
I don’t know. FFXI is my first MMO, so I don’t know how this compares to, say, the splitting of EQ1 and EQ2, or things like that. But I always figured I’d stop playing FFXI because I got tired of it or because my schedule just wouldn’t accommodate it, not because I was forced to by another game.
Edit: Yep, already confirmed that FF14 will be coming to the PC some time after the PS3 release.

2 06 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

FF11’s had a seven year run. That’s pretty impressive for an MMO — and odds are a hardcore contingent will stay with it regardless. If anything, a lot of its players may lack the hardware needed to migrate to FF14.
For that matter, it might not be an MMORPG at all… not in the traditional sense. They just said it was focused on online play. That could mean a Diablo / Monster Hunter clone. The market in Japan is rabid for that sort of gameplay (provided it wasn’t made by a filthy gaijin, of course) and would leap on a Squeenix made clone.

2 06 2009

Have seen the trailer and the teaser website now. It’s got the same races as FF11, and looks a *whole* lot like a prettier version of 11. Which is good in some way, I guess, as it’s easier to get people to convert if there’s something familiar awaiting them, but also seems a bit of a wast if it’s really just going to be FF11 redux. It’s too early to tell for certain, but it’s looking more MMO-ish than Diablo-like.

3 06 2009

You succinctly sum up why I am no longer interested in KH, Nomura, or his zippers-and-belts fetish.

3 06 2009

Possibly FFXI is to FFXIV as EQ is to EQ2?
I’ve seen the Metroid trailer, and it looks interesting.
One thing that does bother me about the original posting–the Squeenix/KH thing is in the *Nintendo* section, not the PS* one…

3 06 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

That’s because that’s where it was. They were talking about the DS exclusive KH game, which is basically just a bunch of emo prettyboys angsting with implausible weaponry.

3 06 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Don’t get me wrong, I thought Orgy 13 was a cool concept… for one game. Had sort of an evil-druid feel to ’em. But they work best as bad guys that show off their one gimmick and then get taken down; the zillions of spinoffs based on these twits are getting silly.
This is the same problem I had with Bleach during the Namek Soul Society arc — overnight we get 13+ new characters of varying levels of bastardry dumped in our laps who we’re apparently supposed to give a toss about, to the point where their antics take up 80% of the screen time, tossing the already cool cast of AZN GHOSTBUSTURS aside. Then again, this sort of problem pops up in all sorts of other anime stuffs, like Naruto. Guess it’s just a cultural clash.

3 06 2009

I dunno; “forget about those other characters you came here to see, check out MINE that are MUCH COOLER” seems to be a cross-cultural author impulse.
Hm. KH as Nomura’s Disney/Square/OC Sue-fic.

3 06 2009

I think part of the problem is that Nomira never got around to EXPLAINING a couple of elements of Orgy13. Specifically, Roxas and Namine. These are two important characters about whom we know almost nothing.
The need to connect things to the “Birth By Sleep” storyline is a little puzzling though.
– TH

3 06 2009

Gah. That…just doesn’t sound like Kingdom Hearts. What’s the Disney element in it this time?

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