Tee Eff Too Stats

27 04 2009

’twas suggested I reset my scores, to get that yay-good feeling of achieving and breaking records again (and to better reflect my current skills) (and to cull out the instances of achievement farming). So, before I nuke them, I may as well jot down what they WERE for posterity.

Most Points in One Life / Total Playtime
PYRO: 19 / 147 Hours (my career class)
ENGY: 31 / 83 Hours (my secondary; teleports were the biggie, and one night where they just loved running in front of the guns on 2fort.
MEDIC: 21 / 24 Hours (my tertiary; I’m not that great at firing uber before dying, though)
HEAVY: 39! / 11 Hours (what the hell?)
SOLLY: 13 / 10 Hours
DEMO: 12 / 10 Hours
SPY: 8 / 3 Hours (I give it a try now and then, fail horribly, switch back to pyro)
SCOOT: 10 / 2 Hours
SNIPAH: 10 / 2 Hours (I lack the reflexes for this.)

Woo. Maybe I’ll get a more accurate representation after a reset.




4 responses

27 04 2009

I should do that, to get rid of my 358 points in medic. Darn jacked up servers. :P

28 04 2009

That’s a fair amount of TF2age that you have done there.
Most weeks these days I only play maybe an hour of TF2 myself.
This does make me wish I’d jotted down my stats before I reset mine.

28 04 2009

Heavies just seem to rack points up if you’ve got a decent medic behind you. My highest score’s a Heavy too, and it’s my third most played class, lagging Engineer by about twelve hours, I think.

28 04 2009

Let’s see, 292 hours / 8 hours = 36.5 workdays worth of TF2. That sounds like a fun two months to me! :D (if we assume a typical work month has 20 workdays in it.)

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