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26 04 2009

So, I just posted a positive and a negative post. Overall weekend analysis? Break even.

Had plenty of restless/listless prodding at nothing in particular. Napped twice. But had some up notes; got some 7Seas development work done, played a bunch of really good games of TF2, and the MA arc run on Saturday was generally okay save for some disgruntlement.

In keeping with theme, let’s look at two things.

Negative: COH. I think my brain is going into that low-power, waiting-mode thing where I’m waiting for something to happen and thus trying to make time go by faster by being lazy and slow. Specifically, waiting for SOME sort of dev action or at least announcement of planned action that will let me use the mission editor again for something other than these one-off private runs. It’d also be nice if they could do something about TEH FARMZ because they’re just getting stupid annoying and are giving the whole MA a bad reputation as being the exclusive domain of 1-50 power levelling kiddies. I15 plans, patch plans, I don’t care, I want SOME sort of response from them so I don’t just have wishes and hopes, I have something concrete. It’s frustrating.

Positive: TF2. Played a lot of it this weekend, and despite being over a year old, I’m still learning and honing my skills. This weekend I focused on my Pyroing, specifically the air blast and the flaregun. I usually ignored air blast, since my timing on reflecting rockets sucks, and backburner got me crits occasionally… but I was doing it a disservice. Air Blast rocks. I see an uber, I zip by the assaulter and AB the hell out of the medic — even if I don’t break the pair up I can disorient them and throw their aim off to render the uber useless. I knock people off ledges, I bump other pyros back rather than die burning them down, etc, etc. It’s great stuff. And the flaregun? Sure, the shotgun provides good ranged damage, but compared to messing with snipers from across 2Fort or pegging people running down straights, it’s not as awesome.

Something To Think About This Week: All those times I just sit around in low-brain-power mode, there are games I could turn back to. Wallace & Gromit. Galactrix. Fable 2. Left 4 Dead. Even Guild Wars, which my SGmates keep finger-wagging at me over because I haven’t played it much since getting it. Problem is sometimes my mind just shuts down on a game, says “Okay, I’m done with this” once I hit some annoyances. Getting back into it after that is difficult, because I’ve left that frame of mind, I’ve decided it’s Done and moved on. Which is silly, there’s still plenty left to do there. I just have to be in the right mood. Tricky, that.

Goin’ to bed.




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27 04 2009

Sympathies, in the truest sense: I’m right there with you on CoH and the current implementation of MA.
I should probably play more TF2. Starting up Steam and all that is a hurdle that keeps me from doing it as an impulse, even if I might be in the mood otherwise. I’m certainly not an expert player, or even an intermediate one. But I do have fun charging ahead with my Pyro or hosing things down with a Heavy minigun. Anything that requires more strategy or tactics than going for Sniper headshots? Not so much.

27 04 2009

One of the things I did recently in TF2 was reset my stats, primarily because some of my records were from a couple of achievement server sessions, or just from plain old strategies that don’t work anymore (my engy score was largely due to self-teleporting for instance).
But one of the other things it has done that I do love is informing me quite frequently that I set a new record, or came close to a previous one.

27 04 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I’ve got my steam set to launch on boot. It’s a good central organizer for all my games. So, launching them is just a click away.
Strategywise, not much requires strat — probably the most complicated being demo, engy, and spy. I play a lot of engy but that’s because once you know the ‘spots’ the work is done, and I’m practicing demo, but as an Assault Demo. Not too hard.

27 04 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I really should do that, too. I have NO idea how I got 39 points as a heavy, for instance — what the hell? I rarely even play heavy. I’d love to get things back to to the point where Pyro’s my best.

27 04 2009

I would like to note for the record that the Saturday arc left me fully gruntled. Also, IOU 170 tickets (or equivalent cash and prizes). Also also, I will be continuing my policy of unlocking everything that can be unlocked in the MA, and leaving a publish slot open for use in temp-publishing arcs for DFB consumption. It’s not a perfect solution by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s what I can do.

27 04 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Your sacrifice will not go unmolested. Wait, word. Your sacrifice will not go unnoticed. Good.
Keep the tickets. Consider it rental fee for your story slot. :)

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