How To Improve A Mood in Five Easy Steps

25 04 2009

1. Put together a rockin’ SL avatar. Some friends took me around a cyberpunk sim tonight. They tried to buy a latex outfit for me — GAH! Not my style! I like baggy, layered, and/or accessorized. …hey, wait… and that prompted me to put together a GREAT Splinter Cell-esque spec ops outfit which comes complete with a brightly colored plastic Nerf handgun / fishing rod. I even took a combat ops accessory pack and replaced the shotgun shells in the holsters with Nerf darts. Oh, and my hamster has glowing green eyes. It’s BAD ASS. I’ll post shots later.

2. Read s’more of “Racing the Beam”, a densely technical but interesting look at how coders made the craptastic Atari 2600 platform do things it was never designed to cope with doing. The system was designed JUST to play Pong and Combat and nothing else… it had the bare-bones hardware for two sprites, two missiles, and a ball. That’s it. The fact that they made freakin’ Pitfall II with its smoothly scrolling platform action and background music on that thing is insane.

3. Have a pretty damn good Rock Band session with a lot of DLC, thanks to people knowing better than to start with four-person bands of random schmoes. Full comboed and gold starred many fine songs. Also, got to sing Styx’s “Renegade”, which is an awesomegasm.

4. Figure out how to finagle an MP3 rip of my AFI “I Heard a Voice” live DVD. Yep, video DVD to audio MP3. Now I don’t need to buy the stupid thing twice just to listen to it properly on the iPod AND I can enjoy the 5.1 mix at home. And yes, it’s artrock emo stuff. I’m finding I’m enjoying this decade’s music a hell of a lot — I decided a few years ago I was sick of having nothing but 90s stuff on my iPod and I didn’t wanna be an old fogey who tells kids these days to turn that crap down, so I started immersing myself in current music. …granted, I’ll still have no truck with any of Disney’s ass-tastic pop stars, but modern alternative rock and indie, that I’m good with.

5. “Tighten Up The Graphics” on an MA arc we’re gonna run as an SG tomorrow. Caught a few brutal bugs in the process, too, which would’ve been murder on us. NO idea how well it’ll go over; it’s patently obvious what’s going on one or two missions before you unfold the mystery, but that’s only because COH players are finely tuned trope sniffing hounds. Still, it’ll be fun to play with our own characters as NPCs.

The nice thing about the “mood momentum” I described earlier is that if I can get the ball rolling the other way, away from wallowing in being annoyed and bored and frustrated with all the stupid things in the universe, it’ll build momentum in the OTHER direction. So tonight, I’m cheery. Hopefully the rest of the weekend will fall in line.




3 responses

26 04 2009

#4 — arguably that’s fair use, considering you already own it. Of course in this modern DMCA era I’m sure somebody would disagree…
#5 — how’d it go over?

27 04 2009

So when do we see it?
So when are we going back to Insilico ?
and I’m glad we improved your mood :)

27 04 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I’ll see about taking some screenies tonight. :)

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