Nonbreaking Spaces, Yeeeuueeeaaaeuuhh’s, and Toolwerks

25 03 2009

Three short notes about nothing of consequence.

1. My beautiful journey into Issue 14 has finally come to a screeching halt. Any attempts to load an arc into the editor now mangle it by replacing all spaces with  ’s, which count as five characters and thus pulverize the space limitations. I’ll have to wait until they fix this to do anything else.

Doesn’t matter, anyway; as noted I’ve got 4 arcs in a 3 arc system and I shouldn’t be writing anymore, and PLAYING arcs is something best left for Live where I can earn real tickets for it and apply real ratings to my friends. So, I’m calling it quits for now until this gets fixed/live. Hopefully my apparently massive groundswell of fans will vote and thus let me write more stories. I feel sorry for anyone who isn’t Internet Famous, though.

2. It is amazingly difficult to sing like Eddie Vedder. I’ve been waiting three months to play Pearl Jam’s “Ten” in Rock Band, and much like the Dead Kennedys and The Cars, it’s really beautiful? and fascinating music which is astoundingly hard to sing, which takes a little out of the experience. For the Cars/Kennedys, it’s the wildly sharp changes between high and low notes and short lines; either you get it right or you’re dead two seconds later.

For Pearl Jam, the difficulty lies in the crazy 90 second up-and-down-the-map extended vowel movements. I guess what I’m saying is Eddie Vedder needs to eat more oat bran, possibly through his anus, such that it goes through his system backwards and makes his voice more regular. …that’s possibly the least appealing thing I have ever written in this blog.

3. Squished the last bugs in the 7Seas automated area list last night. Only thing left is an odd display problem that happens 1/10th of the time where it’ll display half the table, then start over from scratch. I’ve looked at the page source code though and everything seems to be in order, sooo… dunno. Firefox issue? I’m gonna run with it, regardless; that’s the sort of thing that gets fixed on the backend and we need this tool in place ASAP.




7 responses

25 03 2009

It’s more fun if you’re a female singing in Rock Band – the pitch changes, which effectively took a lot out of singing ‘Everlong’ for me. x.x (And I hate the vowel movements too.)

25 03 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I’m finding everybody has a different problem with RB vocals, all based on range and dynamics. Everlong’s a snap for me, although I do octave swap mid-line now and then to avoid having to go too high. But some songs considered easy, notably The Cars, I bungle because of the strange pitches.
Could be worse. I tried the Guitar Hero Metallica demo the other day, so I could get a free test of how good the vocal system is on the other side of the fence. It’s RIDICULOUSLY strict and completely sloppy, which means many times you’ll miss a single word out of a line and it counts as a combo breaker, or you’ll hit the word but the game won’t register it properly. Wasn’t a lot of fun.

25 03 2009

You know, Rock Band makes me wish I didn’t have such a deep natural singing voice. While I can hit the pitches by dropping down an octave, there’s just something about being able to sing that high that makes everything sound so much sharper.

25 03 2009

Yeah, at least for me, I really feel compelled to TRY and hit the same octave the original singer did. That’s how I remember it after all and what I’m trying to do.
The mental gearshift to swap octaves mid-stream for strategic reasons like Twoof seems to do so effortlessly… it breaks my brain.

25 03 2009

Yes, I like Rock Band’s grading system a lot better (that, and just the game in general – I mean, if I don’t feel like doing vocals I can attempt to do something else, like drums).
Some songs I thought I’d do horrible on because of pitch change I actually did well on – for example, ‘Chop Suey’ and ‘Down with the Sickness’. (‘You Oughtta Know’ was fun, but in the ‘oh god I’m going to blow out my throat’ sort of way.)
Also, congratulations – all your talk about CoH again has made me go in for a free trial. Again. x.x

25 03 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Well, it is counterintuitive — I’ve seen you sing, you WANT to blare it out at 11,000db in front of a stadium in the original octave and drip the whole thing with vibratio. But the game can’t cope with that, because if you’re outside your natural octave you’re more likely to be off key, and vibratio is another word for “wobbles on and off pitch”. Sounds good to the ear, sounds bad to the game.
I’d LIKE to think I’m a good singer and my RB2 awesomeness is proof of that and I’m not just a horrible sounding audio shunt custom designed to meet the needs of a game, though. ;_;

26 03 2009

That’s sweet of you. But it’s not like I’ve had any singing lessons since my voice changed in elementary school. XD I do enjoy it though!
You are a good singer, I think; but the way you sing in RB is much more tactically controlled than what I would consider your usual singing voice.

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