Web 3.0

11 03 2009

I think I get it now. I always GOT it, on some level, but only when you’re staring it right in the face do you really feel like you got it. User-generated content. Creativity. The power of anyone’s artistry. It’s definitely the past, present, and future of the web and it’s the force that makes communities thrive or dive.

This week we’re running Fishiversary, and night before last we opened up the sim to the builders who would be coming in to set up little displays advertising their fishing areas on small 12m x 12m docks and islands. Simple enough. Then when I log in today I’m whacked upside the head by some AMAZINGLY creative, colorful, well thought out displays of art created by our community that go well beyond a few cardboard standees and a dude handing out brochures.

This is why 7Seas hasn’t faded and keeps getting bigger — the community. Not just people PLAYING the game, but people CREATING the game through their own work, building extensions, making custom fish for people to catch, and developing jaw droppingly beautiful fishing areas. If all we were doing was selling a simple little game, a boxed product, we’dve faded out by now. Instead we decided to open the thing up for anyone to waltz in and develop and the end result is a pile of awesome which grows and continues to grow.

That’s what a lot of newspapers just don’t get about Second Life; they see it like corporations saw the web in 1996, as another place to throw up a few glossy leaflets and call it a day, just another means to put up a commercial or two. But that’s not it at all. It’s the people that make up the web, and the combined work of the people to express themselves. User generated content is what rules in the end, and those who cater to giving them new means of self expression are the ones who have endured long past the three-panel-foldout era of the web. They’re the real core of it all, not just in a self promoting pump-up-your-ego way, but because without them there’d be nothing but a hollow shell.

I’ll be sharing some snapshots from Fishiversay as the days go on; most of the displays are up but to be fair I’ll wait for tonight’s final builds before I start documenting. Wait’ll you see this stuff; even with SL’s rudementary building tools I can say some of ’em are damned impressive.




4 responses

11 03 2009

As a former community manager on user-generated content sites, I really love what you do with 7seas. I think you absolutely have the right idea and it’s been really cool to watch it grow and spread all over the grid. I see your signs everywhere! It’s so fun! Congrats on your milestone!

11 03 2009

Whoa, I didn’t even know 7Seas had that option of letting you make your own stuff. That’s cool!
…So, where’s the Keikofish? :3

11 03 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Let’s let my sister finish her spawning process first, then we’ll discuss new fishies. :) (A lot of our official-fish work has been on hold as I focus on code changes and the rest of the team focuses on other things, but I expect that to pick up.)

12 03 2009

I’ll make it Keiko! Really! ;_; … eventually!
Maybe I’ll give it a shot during my so-called maternity leave. You see, little do my coworkers know I’ll actually have a month-old clonebaby shipped to me from the black market after goofing off for a month. This whole pregnancy thing is a RUSE I tell you!
P.S.: Seven, be sure to add any shots you take to the 7Seas flickr group. :D

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