Beware the Ice of March

2 03 2009

I love winter. It’s gots lots of snow, which is really pretty and lets me stay home and work from my apartment due to my disability making me even MORE at risk of grievous bodily injury in a car crash or slipping on a patch of black ice. Danger equals safety in some twisted logic, as the more there is of one, the more I’m allowed to have the other — and thus, telecommuting. And so pretty and white outside!

The knee’s feeling better, but it’s definitely not the endless days of not feeling even a single twinge I was having before. I dunno WHY it went screwy on me all of the sudden, but mine is apparently not to wonder why.

Meanwhile, I have so many games to play and DVDs to watch and projects to code in 7Seas that I find myself a bit deadlocked whenever it comes time to sit down and do something. 7Seas has a pile of things that are all critical thanks to recently exposed (and threatened to be exposed) security holes, and I have Something Else I’m not at liberty to discuss which I haven’t even poked at in a week because I’ve been so distracted by things. It’s a little bewildering and I haven’t quite got a grip on it all. Hopefully the throttle will ease down in the weeks ahead.

Speaking of which, I better get back to that. Guess it’s kind of a nothin’ LJ entry today.

Oh — a word about the Scans Daily bruhaha. (brough hagh hagh?) Apparently Peter David may or may not have gotten LJ’s top comic book scans and discussion group shut down over copyright infringement. I’m of mixed feelings about this. As a content creator I understand the plight of an industry that sees more downloaders than buyers — but in this case the sampling may have been encouraging more buyers. I know I’d never have even HEARD of Nextwave or Blue Beetle if not for them, or Deadpool for that matter, all comics I bought (and were promptly cancelled, go figure).

It may be a bit insane, but my recommendation? DC and Marvel sitting down with these guys and makin’ an ARRANGEMENT. I think their legal teams would start hyperventilating at the idea, so it won’t happen, but in a perfect world they could come to some mutually beneficial agreement about fan love and free promotion and still be respectful to the needs of the publisher. But hey, hardly an ideal world when the beautiful snows of winter are dumping on us in freaking March.




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2 03 2009

Don’t forget to Spring Forward next Sunday! We’ll be in the middle of an ice storm, if predictions hold true, but what the hell, it’s Daylight Savings Time!

2 03 2009

Pardon the Persona 3 reference
You feel something change within you!
Trick Knee has levelled up!
You gain 1 luck
You gain 1 endurance
Trick Knee has learned Weather Prediction!

2 03 2009

The line of thinking at the end of your post there is precisely why I love this website.

2 03 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Ah, dangit. I hate DST Spring. I LOSE an hour. I love it in the fall, I GAIN an hour and can stay up even later, but losing an hour means even less time to have fun. Boooo.

3 03 2009

As much as I love Peter David’s work in X-Factor, this move to shut down Scans Daily is a bit sad. It’s not even as if they put up full scans of the entire comic, just random page samplings and a glib plot summary in between – the real big offenders are bittorrent sites and certain newsgroups that offer the full thang. I’m guessing this is more a case of leveling their sights on an easy, and very well-known target and hoping that this sort of thing scares other sites into conformity. Which it will not.

3 03 2009

I’m keeping my remarks at this point to this:
I was (and am!) a fan of his past work. His recent work doesn’t really grab me the same way. And if he thinks that he can triple the sales of a title with no big-name characters, while somehow preventing all spoilers and controlling all discussion… in the middle of a recession

4 03 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

His original blogpost is down, but Peter David posted this recently according to the Google Cache:
Conscientious people have reported to me when they see flagrant copyright violations of my work (typically entire Star Trek novels being posted online). So I did the same thing, informing Marvel of the scans.
Did Marvel then shut them down? No. Because before Marvel legal had an opportunity to do anything, the scans had already been removed for being a violation of terms of service of Photobucket, the site that enabled the posters to put up pictures on line. Perhaps the CBR links put the site on PB’s radar as well as mine.
I did, however, use my wife’s Live Journal account to make my presence known. A fan asked if I had informed Marvel about the scans. An honest question. I replied honestly. I said yes, I had, but that the scans were pulled before Marvel took any action.
Two days later, Scans Daily was shut down completely. Purely a guess: Photobucket complained to Live Journal and LJ said, “Enough’s enough.”
The reaction on the blogosphere? Peter David got Scans Daily shut down.
Well…no. Again: My intervention wound up having no impact. And besides, if anyone got Scans Daily shut down, it was the fans themselves. Some will own up to that reality. Many, I suspect, won’t.

He’s still being a bit of a dick about this, especially compared to folks like Gail Simone and Warren Ellis, but I don’t think he directly stuck a knife in its back.

4 03 2009

If Photobucket hadn’t done it, Marvel legal was already lined up to do it… and he made damn sure they were in a position to do so.
So let’s suppose Photobucket DID beat them to the punch… So the “Peter David got Scans Daily shut down” is technically untrue. But it could just as easily have turned out that way with no further action on his part; he’d already done enough, eh?
Comparing Scans Daily to entire novels being posted online is out-of-scale to the point of irrelevancy, IMO. I’d argue that Scans Daily usually falls well within the fair use aspect of copyright for critical commentary purposes.
But anyway… Perhaps it’s unrealistic for us to expect anybody to be as fan-viral-promo-savvy and generally cool as Warren Ellis, though. ;)

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