12 02 2009

Gusts of 45mph wind around the area lately. Other than that, the weather’s great; 50’s and 60’s, spring has sprung, yadda yadda. But that wind’s a problem, because electricity in my house is as stable as an emu on acid, and swaying power lines mean little 1-2 second powerblips… enough to knock my computer out in an instant.

The problem is my UPS. (Uninterruptible Power Supply.) It’s dead. These things are so damn unreliable, and expensive to boot. I have another one coming via Amazon.com, but it won’t get here until tomorrow; until then I have to make do with a computer that decides to turn itself off every now and then. Which, of course, sucks. Badly.

In tangentially related news, my day job sucks but I won’t talk about that because I enjoy not being fired for blogging about my job. But I am happy to say my OTHER job, that of Professional Independent Game Developer, is going fine. 7Seas had an update recently which should clear up a lot of our ongoing problems of People Not Bothering To Read Instructions. The new vendors will give up on illiterate SLers and just send them bulk buckets for later use.

But stupidity aside… every day I’m thankful for this, because it means I’ve “done it”. I’m a pro game developer. It’s through an alternative game market, namely SL, but I have the legitimacy of a five figure income behind it which says Yes, This Is For Realz, Yo. I should get business cards just to celibrate my status as a bonafide member of the game industry. Not that anybody would care or even want one, but hey… business cards. Maybe I can get one with a watermark and ‘bone’ colored paperstock and then kill a guy with an axe while listening to Huey Lewis and the News!

This weekend’s a 4-day weekend for me, and while I am planning on wrapping a plot in COH and maybe finishing Fable 2, I’m also gonna sit down and do some 7Seas devwork. Because it’s only 30% work, and 70% personal victory over my goals in life, and the more I do to keep that train rolling the better.




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12 02 2009


12 02 2009

“as stable as an emu on acid” … now I have to use this icon.
I’ve had the impression from talking with you that your “uninterruptible” power supply is about as reliable as mine — as in, it might as well not even be there. X_X Have fun surviving meanwhile…
RE: game industry, another way to look at it is… not only are you a Professional Independent Game Developer, but your annual income from your game development work is also surely above the industry average. XD
And you don’t even have to work a bazillion hours a week to get it! … that’s my job. ;) No seriously, all the improvements lately are helping that.
While you do 7Seas devwork this weekend, I’m going to help Sass update the 2-weeks-outdated Web lists again. One of these days her workload will be light enough that I can focus on like, building stuff… of course that will probably right around when I go into labor. ;)

12 02 2009

Might I make a suggestion regarding the UPS? APC’s Back-UPS ES series is fantastic. I’ve had the same one for years now, and while the battery got run out because I was out of the house once and my family couldn’t figure out that the beeping meant to turn it off, it has otherwise been utterly rock solid.
At one point, we had a short in our meter box that blew every last power strip in the place, knocked out a refridgerator, and quite a few other random electrical devices, my Back-UPS, and the computers attached to it, were just fine. I’m still using that same UPS. My mother wound up buying a whole fleet of them for every room in the house.

12 02 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Fortunately, next week Shadur’s gonna help us work on automating the area list, which will cut down on Sass’s workload considerably. Between that, idiot-proof bait, hunting down the evil twin, and fixing the newbie-bait-load bug, hopefully she’ll be down to considerably less support tickets a day.

12 02 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I’ve got an APC brand UPS headed my way tomorrow. It was the most highly rated one on Amazon and had the best price.

12 02 2009

The APC stuff (as long as it’s not the low low end stuff) is generally decent. Not usually cheap, but decent.
I’m using a Smart UPS 1500 that I’m quite happy with. Normally lists for $600 or so though. I lucked out and got it for about $200 from a Dell deal-of-the-day.

13 02 2009

I also have nothing but nice things to say for APC UPS devices. My work computer is hooked up to one, and it comes in handy due to the fact that the wiring in the office is set up poorly and the breaker is frequently triggered. I’ve never lost work from a power outage.

13 02 2009

*squee!* What a relief that’ll be! We’ll still catch up on the area list etc. this weekend just so it’s done, and try to keep up with it till the auto-area-list kicks in.

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