28 12 2008

Have a cold. Fortunately it kicked in a day after Christmas, so it didn’t mess with the holiday, but otherwise it sucks. Achy, stuffy, exhausted, congested, and when I lie down one nostril basically plugs up and I can’t breathe easily. Yay. :P

Suck thing is I gotta “go” to work tomorrow since I’m the only person available to handle the web. (I say “go” because damned if I’m going IN, I’ll just telecommute, but even so.) Hoo frickin’ ray.

Hopefully this’ll pass quickly, but usually when I DO get sick (which happens like maybe once every two years) it stays around a week or more, and really grinds me down.




One response

29 12 2008

I am completely convinced that Santa stopped by the CDC first, and just ROLLED around in whatever the fuck-all he could find. Everyone I know (including me) is sick, with everything from headaches and stuffy noses to full blown bronchitis. It seems that the East coast got it worse than the West…which only goes to show that Santa Claus does indeed exist, and he was made up not by mythology passed down through generations, but Warren Ellis’ sick mind, instead.
In other words, Feel Better ASAP. ^_^

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