33 rpm

20 12 2008

It’s my birthday.

I don’t like getting older. I’m 33 now. Assuming I lead a kick ass long life, that means I’m still 1/3rd over with my life, more than that if I have an average lifespan or shorter due to disabilities and illnesses. I hate being old.

According to all forms of popular media, if you aren’t 18-29, you’re no longer a viable candidate for existence as we know it. Earlier than that and you’re only good as toy fodder; older than that and your task is to toil away in a cubicle to make life easier on the 18-29s, then die anonymous. This is a grim truth.

That said, I’m in a good position in my life right now, so I can’t complain too much beyond the usual grousing. My work’s going okay, my side job in SL is deepening my ethos as a game designer each day, I’m having fun with various hobbies and entertainments, and things are sweet. So I guess I’ll take it.




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20 12 2008

I know the feeling. I hit Level 32 in just under three weeks, myself, and find myself agreeing with your “popular media” statement. Though my cutoff point is 40, not 30. Beyond 40, I keep getting the sense that one is too old to learn new tricks. (yeah, I’m a hypocrite, especially with half my friends list being 40+)

20 12 2008

Happy birthday brah’.

20 12 2008

Happy Birthday anyway.

20 12 2008

I just turned 30, myself. So no more 18-29 for me either. I even cried on my birthday. But have a good birthday anyways. Love you lots, bud! <3
~ nekoneko

20 12 2008

I feel a little like time is catching up with me too. It’s so strange to think that I’ll be thirty in three years – I’d always thought of that as an ‘old person’ number. But then I realized how many cool people I knew that were in their forties and upwards – Nana Judy for instance is pushing 70 (though you don’t know her, you just need to trust me when I say she’s cool).
I think it really is a case of being as old as you feel… and I’ve been mentally stuck at about 12 for years. ;)

21 12 2008

Like I said earlier…
40 IS THE NEW 20. 33 means you’re still a teenager! Enjoy your wild youth!

21 12 2008

Actually, it’s 18-29 for women, 18-35 for men. Younger than that, you’re worshiped basically as an economic child-god. Older than that, you’re worshiped as a political voting god. Otherwise, you’re not taken seriously at all. So we all get screwed at some point in our life.

21 12 2008

Pish, you n00bs! Wait until you bomb out of on-line surveys all over the place as soon as you enter your age; THEN you can grouse.
(Happy Birthday, and may the Lindens continue to roll in!)

21 12 2008

That already happens to me when I enter my income, my occupation, and/or my interests.
There are no surveys for women that do not involve cosmetics, beauty aids, household appliances, cookware or food, apparently.
I would have put babies in that list, but I believe they fall under “food.”

21 12 2008

Happy Birthday?

21 12 2008

Happy birthday, man. ^_^ You’re not old, you’re not even middle age yet. ^^

29 12 2008

Aww, you’re even sexier now that you’re older!
Happy belated birthday!

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