10 12 2008

I’ve always had an odd but comfortable relationship with this month.

It’s the month of my birthday, it’s the month of xmas, it’s the month of snow and winter break and cold and heavy quilts and isolation and long-night darkness. It’s kind of a strange mix of melancholy and joy, and as such, I’ve basically staked my claim as “my month” compared to the rains of April, the ridiculous heat of August, and the wind of September. December WORKS for me.

One thing it traditionally offers is some time for introspection and a vague sense of depression, but in recent years, I didn’t have time to really settle in for deep thoughts and misery due to a chain of years where I was either frantically hammering out a NWN module or dealing with funerals or BOTH. Last year I recall December being far too manic and fast paced to really have that December feel.

This year? I think I’m too happy to really feel December melancholy. That’s not a bad thing, of course. I have a thriving side business that satisfies me creatively. Dayjob work is hell, but at least it’s active hell. I have games to play. I have people to talk to. I have things going on. I can’t honestly say I’m depressed, which is a nice change. (Or maybe I am and it’s just masked by all the activity? Does it really matter if it feels the same in the end?) Overall, things are good. Comfortable.

Next week I’m taking off from my dayjob to focus on relaxation, ponderance, and poking at fishing code (in a fun way). It’ll be a good time for me to sit down, rest, and consider things. Looking forward to it in the same way I always look forward to December.




3 responses

10 12 2008

Yay for dayjob vacations! Also good to hear your December is going well.

10 12 2008

Your birthday’s in December too? Nifty. I was born on the 24th.

11 12 2008

Happy Birthday (I guess by now I can’t be more than a week or two off the mark at worst).
And no working in SL while you are on holidays. If you try it I’ll send the code gremlins around to get you (my pretty). :)
Holidays are for relaxing and fun and doing new stuffs.

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