Charity Prepwork

2 12 2008

LoadingReadyRun‘s Desert Bus for Hope is doing freaking amazing this year. A crew of gamer humor video producers playing the world’s most boring video game in an endless marathon for charity — and they’ve raised about $50,000 dollars so far. Good gravy, man.

We’ve got our own efforts coming up this Friday… the 7Seas Child’s Play Charity Rally, where we’re taking all the incoming profit and donations from every SL business we’ve got, doubling it, and sending it along to children’s hospitals. And it’s gonna take a lot of work and coordination. I already spent most of Sunday working on the DJ playlists, so those are in the can, but there’s still things to handle. So in mostly a notes-to-self posting here’s what I need to do before Friday.

x Rearrange the docks. Needed…
xx More loitering space
x* Freebie givers
xx “please use 8-bit rods and turn off AOs and HUDs” signs
xx Tally board (see below)
xx Meissa’s Tiki stage from the beta launch event, with her blue curtains
xx Replace servers with quiet-mode enforced servers

* Prizes… create Gold Freestylers Guitar and 8-Bit trophy. Maybe use the cup from Adventure? Click on it for a popup duck that chases you?

x Tally board. Three baseline numbers, plus manual entry of Seven, Jen, and Meissa’s current numbers (current – baseline = charity total). Secret reporting to me of these values, on-board display of the totalled numbers and US dollar amounts, taking 2x donation into account.

x Lower Flotsam max avatar count to 45, for starters, since running a massive event on the same sim as our fishing item servers could cause problems… if you want in on the event, come early and stay long! (Also look into how we override this to teleport our musicians into a full sim; maybe Keiko knows?)

…anyway, if you wanna participate in the rally but aren’t using SL… well, you can always join Second Life but if my flogging you over the head for months with the awesomeness of it hasn’t swayed you by now I doubt anything will. Instead, just head to Child’s Play and donate directly. Do it for the childrens, yo.




9 responses

2 12 2008

Best of luck to you guys with this. If I can remember on Friday I’ll try to drop by!
… also I can’t believe you’re using the pixelfish in your icon logo D: UNDERBITE.

2 12 2008

We can temporarily crank up the cap to get a musician in, then turn it down again after they arrive.
Thanks SO much for taking care of all this. I’ve been totally overloaded mentally and task-wise, in and mostly out of SL. @_@

2 12 2008

That pixelfish is frickin awesome. It’s one of the public fave SuperUltraRare fish, I think. :D

2 12 2008

Is it really? That’s somehow.. ridiculously gratifying to hear XD;;; Sometimes I want to go back and try to sculpt again but then I look at my ‘to-do’ list and want to cry. Ahah T_T;

2 12 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I just wanna make sure we don’t crank up the cap, someone ELSE drops in, and the performer still can’t get in. It’s a risk. Is there a way we can put someone on an estate list that lets them in regardless of limits?

2 12 2008

There OUGHT to be, but no, there isn’t. :/ Remember we were at Keiko’s show once and she disconnected and it took a while for her to get back in?

2 12 2008

I don’t remember that, but it sounds just about right. :/ The best we can do is show up early to be sure we have a spot in the sim and then pray to our routers that we don’t crash.

2 12 2008

I think it was one of the earlier MTV spots. (the one before they thought to post all the big disclaimer signs…)
We’ll be able to finagle them in. If all else fails, I’ll leave the region myself to make sure they can get in!

2 12 2008


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