Giving Tanks

28 11 2008

If I could give an M1 Abrams Tank to each person on this list, I would. You’ll have to settle for thanks.

I’m thankful this year, above all, to 7Seas, which has somehow become such a gamer version of an earworm that we’re making ridiculous sums of money — enough for me to build a good savings account and Jen to erase all student loans and debts.

I’m thankful to our fishers for the reason listed above, and constantly amazed at their dedication to our game even in times of content drought and server issues. They’ve built an amazing community and without constant monitoring or guidance; it just HAPPENED.

I’m thankful to Second Life for not sucking as much as it was sucking back in March, and generally being either ineffective or adequate. Let’s hope for some upwards trends now, for a change.

I’m thankful to my online friends, who are pretty much my only social contact these days, but fortunately are very supportive of me and a joy to chat with. Assuming they aren’t just brains in CIA jars connected to the Internet. Assuming I’M not a brain in a CIA jar connected to the Internet.

I’m thankful to the game industry for giving me happy new toys to play with and an amazing community that’s developed from nerds in basements to a mainstream worldwide connected social network in the 20+ years I’ve been involved… and how they still don’t forget their roots, even so.

I’m thankful to Capcom for releasing a SIX BUTTON fighting PAD with a proper d-pad and even a switch that lets the pad emulate the left and right analog sticks, because it’s gonna let disabled gamers play a wider range of games more easily.

I’m thankful to be alive, prospering, and doing quite well. Even with the occasional Meh Work Sucks or other life quibble or economy plunge, all things considered, I’m in good shape here. Let’s keep that up, life. You can do it.




5 responses

28 11 2008

Once again, us CIA brains-in-jars get no love. :(
Er, I mean… those! Those CIA brains-in-jars. I feel sorry for them. Not us.

28 11 2008

To be specific, we do still have student loan debt. But 7Seas is still awesome and even aside from the money, the creative fulfillment is just wonderful! So YES, thank you universe!
Don’t forget that assuming people are brains in CIA jars might be assuming too much; we might be AI simulations feeding all our data on you into their central computer, for example. Or perhaps you’re merely delusional and a small quirk of improved brain chemistry will suddenly leave you friendless!

28 11 2008

a small quirk of improved brain chemistry will suddenly leave you friendless!
Or, alternatively, a static warp bubble experiment.
“The universe is a spheroid region 705 meters in diameter.”

28 11 2008
30 11 2008

Ooh! I want to be a CIA brain in a jar connected to the internet. How does one sign up for that job?

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