Endless, Nameless

23 11 2008

Today I sat down and beat the Endless Setlist 2.

For the uninitiated, that means playing every single on-disk song in Rock Band 2, in a row, with no breaks. (You can pause the game, but that’ll bar you from the “Bladder of Steel” achievement. …I didn’t bother with that one.) How many songs is that? Eighty four songs. How long does it take? Oh, a little over six hours.

I’ve been wanting to give this a try for awhile. See, when you beat the ESL, your character’s little instrument icon turns shiny — and that means that people you play with online know that you have mighty, mighty testicles. As a sucky disabled casual gamer, I have very little I can brag about, but vocals in Rock Band are one of the few things I can authentically brag about — I’m not God Tier like billtvshow and others who routinely bust out full combo gold star optimal overdrive leaderboard shattering renditions, but I do routinely beat everybody else in my band in scoring and comboing. Adding a shiny icon on top of that is icing on the cake.

Of course, to get said shiny icon I had to beat 84 songs, and I couldn’t half-ass it; I wanted to see exactly how well I could do. Fortunately, that turned out to be “pretty damn well”. 82 of the songs were either five starred or, I’m happy to say, more often than not gold starred. A great deal were full comboed. Only two escaped my grasp; Jagged Gorgeous Winter and Supreme Girl, a pair of really lame bonus songs. Otherwise, I hammered all the nasties down… Shackler’s Revenge? Big deal. Tangled Up in Blue? Touch and go, but I 5’d it. Visions? …well, the “random death metal flailing around” song everybody hates is a breeze on vocals so I can’t really boast about gold starring that one.

After pausing once for dinner and Mythbusters, and pausing again later to take some tylenol as my head was starting to throb like I had a cold, I’d finished. In the end, I got my shiny icon and the game gave me a pat on the back.

The lengths one will go to to increase the size of their gamer e-peen are quite extensive, but this was as much a personal accomplishment as much as a bragging rights accomplishment. And now, I collapse. *THUD*




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23 11 2008


23 11 2008

One would think that not peeing for six hours might noticeably affect one’s singing performance anyway. Better to keep your scores high, methinks.
So, now you can walk amongst the masses as a god among men, ay?

23 11 2008

Congratulations! How does your throat feel?

23 11 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Not bad. I didn’t lose my voice and I wasn’t cracking by the end. I lowballed it on a lot of songs, deliberately using my less straining voice even if my more straining one would’ve ‘sounded better’. As long as I hit the note I didn’t care.
Only physical ailments I had was my joints being a little stiff from sitting for so long, and the aforementioned head throbby. I medicated, both were no problem after.

23 11 2008

“Everyone, everyone, look unto me! I possess the Blue Flag!”

23 11 2008

A Winner Is You
Congratulations on your achievement! I bow in acknowledgment of your mad singing skills.

23 11 2008

Something like that. Less getting shot, a’course.

23 11 2008

unironically impressed
as opposed to any of the six-hour gaming marathons I’ve done, that’s a hell of an accomplishment. Nice job, man :)

24 11 2008

Unrelated, but I found this tweet on Twitter just now: http://twitter.com/SecondLie/status/1019449625

24 11 2008

*cackles* I guess that’s one way people pay campers…
And 2f, congratulations! I know you were looking forward to it. I wanna see this fancy shiny icon in person, since your photo just looks like a white ball of healing light.

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