This Is The Most Awesomest Thing Ever (Other Than A CyberShark And A Crimefighting Ape High Fiving)

19 11 2008

Youtubery linky. Rawk.




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20 11 2008

Rawk OUT. It goes to eleven!
Oblig reference to S&M (which was not as cool) and Apocalyptica (which comes at it from the other end).
Did they cut that into an album at all?

20 11 2008

I’m so not a metal fan, but yeah… that was cool.

20 11 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Seems so. I hit Amazon to get a copy of the track and there’s an ENTIRE ALBUM of Scorpions + Orchestra material there. I only got RYLAH, though, that’s the only Scorpions song I really know.

21 11 2008

I am of the opinion that everything is better with an orchestral accompaniment. Well, perhaps not a headache. But pretty much any type of music.
(Anyone who hasn’t heard TSO’s Christmas music is now required to do so)

22 11 2008

Beat me to it–Transiberian’s version of Carol of the Bells (with…Metallica, I think?) is my absolute favorite. :-)

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