7Seas Child’s Play Charity Rally

13 11 2008

Full details up at the 7Seas Fishing Game Website!

The event’ll be December 5th, from 4pm-10pm SL Time (Pacific). We’ve done charity runs in SL before, but that was before we stumbled across the profit juggernaut that is 7Seas, so maybe we’ll actually hit four figures this year… that’d be a real kick.

If you’re not an SLer, I still recommend Child’s Play if you’re looking for good karma and have some money to offload. I know Times Are Tough(tm) in the economy these days, but if anything, that’s even more reason to support charity — they’re gonna be hit harder than most by a drying up of dollars, as people keep their resources to themselves to weather the storm.

Child’s Play is near and dear to my heart. Yeah, they aren’t curing cancer or bringing around world peace, but this one’s personal… I was a child laid up repeatedly for long and unpleasant surgical sessions in the hospital, for years. The very first Nintendo Game Boy + Tetris kept me going through the latter ones. I know how critical it is to drive yourself to distraction in there, and anything I can do to take the hobby I love (gaming) and use it as a force for good for kids who are in my prior situation is welcome.

More details to come.




3 responses

13 11 2008

Tempted to ask if you want a fortune teller present at the event, for something else to do while people are there.
I’m also curious… surgical sessions? That sounds… painful.

13 11 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I think it’s gonna be noisy / busy enough already, since it’s a combination dancing / fishing / live music / chatter event. I’m already concerned that musicians we’re hoping to hire won’t like the fact that a lot of attendees will just be there for the fishing, so I’d like to keep the activity frenzy down to a minimum.
I was just alliterating. It wasn’t PLEASANT by any stretch, but I have had over a dozen surgeries with requisite multi-week or multi-month recovery times and physical therapy afterwards. It sucked balls and gaming was one thing that helped me endure.

13 11 2008

Definately sounds like you’ll have your hands full, yeah (and I meant what were the surgeries for, actually, pardon my curiosity).

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