I Got LittleBigPlanet.

25 10 2008


We can thank the Game Recall Defcon 5 for this. GameStop said “Screw it, we’re selling early”. So GameCrazy said “GameStop’s selling early?! We gotta get ON that!” and so did everybody else, and bammo, I get my copy and Amazon.com loses business. It’s a sackdog eat sackdog world.

I’ll be busy basking in adorable awesome for the day. Don’t come knocking.

EDIT: SO FREAKING AWESOME. I have GOT to make a level with this thing. Problem is, I’ve got el zero grounding in what makes a fun platforming game. I can decorate and make nice atmosphere and stuff but I doubt I’m gonna be doing fantastico Mario Bros. action. We’ll see what I can come up with.

One thing I HAD to do was nab every sticker, every object, EVERYTHING I could from the Metropolis tileset. I love urban environments, they feel more real to me than some cheesy fantasy world or a culture-palooza explosion of world beat artwork and stuff. Maybe I can make a sackboy cyberpunk epic… although odds are, all the little 14 year olds are also gonna be going WHOA URBAN KEWL GANGSTA too.

EDIT #2: The “THUNK” you hear is the sound of me hitting the difficulty wall in LBP.

Let’s be clear: this game is hard. This game is Nintendo Hard. This game is come over to your house and kill your best friend hard. I pity the poor little children who go “Yaaay, it’s a fun neato fun game! I want, mommy!” and then, after they unwrap it at Christmas and play it, get repeatedly burned to a crisp and electrocuted and plunge to their deaths.

The first few levels, eh, only hard thing is getting to some of those out of the way prize bubbles… afterwards, though, good lord it gets horrible. I almost hit the wall in the Japan section, with said spinning wheels. Doing five in a row, and if you miss any one you start over, is a pain. I HAVE hit the wall in India, where I have to do flawlessly timed jumps over burning blocks while on a moving platform.

I kinda don’t mind. All I’m really blocked from getting are some more stickers, and if I can’t make do with the metric ton of stickers I have then I can use my camera to snag more. I am blocked from getting more music and backdrops, which is a shame.

The game is great, don’t get me wrong. But I’ve never liked the sheer frustration of being stonewalled by a difficulty wall, unable to proceed, unable to get access to items used elsewhere (create mode widgets). It’s not a happy feeling that leaves me with, no sir. But I shall cope.

Next up: Designing an actual level.




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25 10 2008


26 10 2008

So. LBP, the game that’s going to save the PS3? Or a pitiful drogue deployed too late to avert the inevitable firey crash?

26 10 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I’ll vote save. It’s hard, but I’ve read plenty of posts from people who cleared it, so I guess I just suck. :( And the creation tools are godly, even if you don’t finish story mode.
This is the sort of exclusive that defines a console. Whether or not that’s enough to “save” the PS3 I don’t know but it will help keep the thing afloat. It’s not like the PS3 is crashing and burning — it’s just constantly playing catch-up to the 360. Most games are coming out for both of ’em.

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