Petey Just Sold Me On Fable II

10 10 2008

With this video.


1. The attacks are the face buttons! FINALLY a game that doesn’t rely on the damn analog triggers for rapid response digital input. Even the original fable mapped attacking to the right trigger. Even blocking is done by a face button instead of chording off a trigger.

2. The camera is a brawler game side camera! You don’t have to do the annoying 1st/3rd person right-stick camera twisty when you get into a combat situation — it hovers to a suitable vantage point so you can see the battlefield then lets you go to work.

3. Your defenses are NOT determined by the clothes you wear. Just like City of Heroes, costuming is for your own visual aesthetic sense only; your stats determine your ability to soak/dodge blows, so you aren’t stuck with the Ugly Yellow Shoulderpads Of Doom +7.

4. “If you knock them back with magic and then shoot them with your gun…” I am a sucker for firearms in a fantasy setting.

I may have to actually look into this game now. I don’t see where I’m gonna get time to play all the games I have and haven’t finished / aren’t finish-based… TF2, COH, Rock Band, Lego Batman, LittleBigPlanet, Lego Indy Jones yet, Megaman 2, Burnout Paradise, and coming soon Fallout 3, maybe Guitar Hero World Tour if it doesn’t suck, and whatever holiday season games are slipping my mind. Hooboy.

What I need is a Gamer Shelf. I’ve been pondering using a space of blank wall near my TV to put ALL my game boxes on, so I have instant access instead of needing to cross to the other side of the house, open a chest of drawers, and root around. Laziness, I suppose, but hey.




5 responses

10 10 2008

All those sound like very good selling points for a game, I agree! Hmm. Also, I am gratified that you are still using that icon I made you so long ago after all this time. :)

10 10 2008

Gamer shelf, like this?

10 10 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I gotta let my oldschool roots show, yo! I loves my pitfall icon. <3

10 10 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Exactly! A shelving unit or three with tons and tons of good stuff onnit.
Also: I want to murder you and take your stuff.

11 10 2008

You can have the rocking chair giraffe…

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