Are We Done Yet? / ToDo

1 10 2008

So. 7Seas 3.1 rods released, closing off the last of the security holes, fixing the last of the bugs, making the whole thing basically DONE. Next week — Fishing Area 3.0, which closes off the last of the security holes, introduces bulk bait, the 100m range servers, making the whole thing basically DONE.

At least, I hope so.

I’ve never felt like 7Seas was ever really “done” in the sense that the core of the game was in there and working and finalized. Sure, I can always add features, but I wanted to get the basic experience settled in and working like a swiss watch before I moved on to other projects (new games, revamping games, MSi, etc). Problem was, stuff kept popping up. This wasn’t working. That wasn’t working. This was allowing cheating. That was cheating waiting to happen. Etc.

I never listed the 7Seas gear on because I never felt it was “done”, never ready to be considered in final reviewable form. Now I think it is. We’ve done everything we can for it… if this goes according to plan we can rest on our laurels and focus on making new fish for the system before having a Round Four for new features.

Which I desperately need, because this is a huge psychological roadblock to doing anything ELSE with my Second Life, to the point where I ponder needing a Third Life to get away from the second. I want to actually ENJOY my time there, not just deal with the same wallbanger bugs and problems I’ve had to deal with for the last few months. I want to make NEW things, and turn my attention to bringing old things up to speed. In short: I want a break from constantly tweaking the fishing system.

With luck, we are now at that point, and I can take a damn break. We’ll see, if someone comes up with a new exploit or not.

EDIT: This is mostly a Notes To Self, but here’s my complete project To Do list. Obviously, “Have a Social Life” and “Play Vidyuh Games” are not included on this list because they go without saying… hopefully.

* 7Seas Fishing Area Kit 3.0 [WEDS-FRI!]
** Contest Board 3.0 (mod and activate security, add security switch)
** Server 3.0 (replicate dev scripts, add timer reset)
** Vendor 3.0 (Bulk Bait feature)

* MSi (Mad Science Institute) [October]
** Simplify RPG approach; just have it be exploratory with hidden neat stuff
*** Instead of multiple subquests and NPCs, rank upgrades come from 1)finding spies, 2)building robots, 3)threatening UN
*** Do all three for volcano access
** Shark Tank: No more puzzle; add self-dunk with massive blood spray instead
** Underwater Lab: New student lounge; no spy interrogation puzzle but keep the build-a-deathbot
** No NPCs but we still need the jumpsuits and lab coats and tuxedos and leather catsuits

* Arcade Games [October]
** ZM needs a sprite sheet mod; new sprites?
** Skeeball needs more accurate throws, lower point threshold
** FOD, FS:G, FS:S, Whack, Cruise just need mono recompiles
** FS:R multiplayer screwed up?
** AquaDash needs red-player fix?

* Fishing Contest Expansion Pack [November]
** Bounty Hunt Contest
** Poseidon’s Challenge Contest
** Fishing Club Scoreboard
** AquaDash included in the pack to keep vendor clutter down

* Aquarium Revamp [November]
** One script to rule them alltm, with hooks to optionally display and store owner name/key and retrieve data by linkmessages.
** New catchable backgrounds simultaneously released with revamp to encourage aquarium takeup

* Melee Maidens Arcade Game [2009?]
** Find some solution to the camera and avatar outfit issues, etc… lotta work, definitely a long term project




10 responses

1 10 2008

Yeah, you’ve worked hard enough. Take a break. Search for the Sunlight Sea sim and go grab the torch from the table outside the entrance and see if you can’t clear the Tomb of Tooten Ramen…
Do the motorboats always connect to the main servers? Since they still give a “this is a 2.0 motorboat” message.

1 10 2008

Want to hang out with some faeries? :)

1 10 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

If you don’t mind my wings being pixellated, sure. :D

1 10 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I’m always a bit stymied for what to do with my Second Life. I’ve already shopped for all the avatar bits I want and got a look I’m happy with, and shopping’s the #1 hobby of SLers, soo… (I’m VERY picky about what my male avatars look like, and I pretty much exclusively use guys since I started moving into enterprising instead of being a wandering stranger / tourist.) Finding other activities is key to making it all not dull.
The motorboats will be updated as well starting next Monday, to use the new 3.0 server code. The fishing rods work just fine with 2.0 or 3.0 servers, really — backwards compatibility is critical when you have long transition periods — but 3.0 servers are less laggy and less resource chompy. You’ll get an updated boat when you rez it next week.

1 10 2008

/me sighs, staring wistfully out the window at an all but abandoned secret volcano lair.

1 10 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

It will be developed at one point. I really wanna get to that… problem is by design it’s a bit too HUEG of a task (lots of minigames and puzzles and NPCs) and I had all this fishy code to fix.
I’m thinking MSi needs a revamp. Make it have a bunch of cute interactive gizmoes and social spots, and less of a severely stripped down point and click adventure game. Once this week passes and 7Seas is in the bag I can move on to changing some things there.
EDIT: Edited the LJ-post above to include some of my pre-thinking about MSi and such. Can’t help it; I like making lists.

1 10 2008

You def. need this. I hope you can finally relax. I’ll work with you on MSi or whatnot.
RE: your list, also don’t forget the “make aquariums public” oft-requested feature.

1 10 2008

Speaking of volcano lairs, I have a great pack of animated water-flowing type sculpties. Maybe it’ll help with the lava. (Although to be fair, the slow-moving smooth texture it has now might be more realistic!)

1 10 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

That’s part of the Aquarium Revamp. It’s still a low priority thing, though; it’s requested but getting the game core itself stable is more important, and my arcade games have gone a long time without revisions.

2 10 2008

Yarr, you clearly have plenty of higher-priority things to look at. I just wanted to make sure it was somewhere on that radar, a much tinier blip than the others. :)
You have a lot of balls to juggle after all…

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