The Tivo Nerd Implosion / …what

22 09 2008

Normally I could give a rat’s ass about TEH BIG FALL PREMIEARS. Broadcast television typically holds no meaning or importance for me.

Tonight is a bit different. Let’s check:

8:00pm: Terminator. Despite plot holes and sad sack pacing, it’s TERMINATOR and it’s an ONGOING TV SERIES. Those two factors combined are awesome — staple Summer Glau onto the package and you tip the scales deep into win with the suck being at least funny in its own right. Season premiere was two weeks ago, series continues tonight.

ALSO at 8:00pm: Big Bang Theory. Once you get over Sheldon being the most purposefully irritating character in existence, it’s a pretty good show, and I’m looking forward to seeing where they go with Penny and Leonard. As in, “I hope they actually keep them together as an awkward but fun couple rather than break them up.” I’ve always felt that the start of the romance should come during the MIDDLE of a romance story, not at the END. “I lurve you!” followed immediately by the closing credits is selling a story short. Show us the ups, the downs, etc. It’s a copout to assume that they live happily ever after. …clearly I’m too invested here and this thing’s gonna disappoint since it’s basically just a sitcom, even if it has a flavur. But hey. I can hope.

9:00pm: Heroes. See Terminator (despite plot holes and pacing wackiness) and see Big Bang Theory (despite annoying characters) it’s entertaining when it’s good and it’s entertaining when it’s bad, and tonight the next season kicks off with TWO HOURS of the stuff.

So that’s 3.5 total hours of nerd television tonight, if you weren’t keeping track. Fortunately my dual-tuner tivo can snag BBT while I watch T and H, but yow. OMGWTFBBQ. Good thing I don’t watch Raw anymore, or I’d need, I dunno, a three tuner rig.

The few other shows I watch are either on other nights, are on hiatus, or are over for the season… Burn Notice, Battlestar Galactica, Dexter, etc. But damned if that Monday isn’t gonna be problematic.

Edit: From my work email today…

“The water supply to the 1st floor urinals will remain off until mid-morning Tuesday, September 23. Plumbing contractors have snaked the line and extracted pieces of carpet and pieces of a CD which were causing the blockage. Please use other amenities until notified.”

…I’m kind of terrified of learning the truth of how this came to be. I’m certain I’d lose 1d6 SAN from the knowledge of events transpired.




16 responses

22 09 2008

OMG HEROES! I’m definitely going to watch the pre-Heroes Heroes thing since I need to be brought back up to speed on everything that’s happened.
Man, I feel almost abandoned by Heroes. It’s going to take me an episode or two for me to warm back up to it again after being jilted for months and months. MAKE ME BELIEVE AGAIN, PETER PETRELLI <3

22 09 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I’m gonna have to skip the recap hour… again, I’d need three tuners if I wanted to get that, BBT, and Terminator. Agh. Well, whatever… the show is almost more fun when you don’t remember what the eighty billion characters are doing / are dead or not / etc.
Oh, Peter. We love you and your overpowered thick idiot head so. <3 More scenes where he completely forgets he can teleport and stop time again, please! …but don’t wuss out on the next Peter / Sylar / Iori / Kyo showdown this time, NBC. We want our epic brawl.

22 09 2008

Don’t forget we also need more scenes where Peter spends laborious minutes telekinetically ripping doors rather than just walking through them. XD
Yah, srsly, we need the mega-epic brawl. I’m still not over the massive let-down of not seeing the alternate future Sylar/Hiro/Peterocalypse.

22 09 2008

I just bought and watched Terminator S1. omgftwpwnies. My roomie has Heroes S1 and S2 and I’v been all “man I should watch that.” :P Basically, all my fanboy TV waiting was used up for the next decade because of (SIX FREAKING MONTHS OF) waiting for the end of Avatar, so I just buy the DVD packs when they come out. But yeah, Terminator and Heroes are ones I plan to pick up.
More thanks for your help with CoH btw, and if you see Folk Medicine or Igor Knight (fire blaster) running about, say hello.

22 09 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I’ve contemplated Avatar. I kinda like the hentai character designs and the concept of a western-developed anime-influenced series with an ongoing, well-crafted storyline suits me. But the series is so damn long at this point that it’d take forever and a day to plow through… I may do it after I finish getting through the other shows I’m busy netflixing (Dead Like Me, The Third, School Rumble, Code Geass).

22 09 2008

I’m looking forward to BBT and Heroes. I’ve been so busy, I almost forgot about Heroes tonight. @.@

22 09 2008

Yeah. I got into it because of the kung fu. I love kung fu, I do a little kung fu, and their kung fu elements are freaking stellar. Despite being an animated fantasy/anime show, it’s got some of the most brilliant martial arts fight coreography I’ve ever seen. I watched agape the first time I saw Fire Nation fighting, since it’s based on Northern Shaolin style, which heavily influenced the My Jong Law Horn style I’ve studied. I was pointing and shouting “First form! Third form!”
I dunno how a non-kung fu fan would react to it, though. The characters grew noticably through the series, which counts for a lot in my books. The story hooked me, but the end of the series wasn’t really enough to make up for the waiting I did. Not enough Iroh, mostly.

22 09 2008

Pieces of carpet and CD?
Sounds like someone was trying to hide their pr0n collection.

22 09 2008

What ARE they hiding over there, Twoof? And I thought my organization has problems… =)

22 09 2008

Those carpet-munchers!
I am really intrigued as to why they felt the need to be so specific about what was causing the blockage. And how the heck do you get that stuff into a URINAL? WTF?

22 09 2008

Oh my, look at the time …
I thought Heroes and Terminator:SCC were supposed to broadcast simultaneously. @.@ Glad to know they’re in (effectively) different time slots tonight; that’ll let me sort out what I’m going to do about which series I watch live, and what I watch off of the network’s website (or alternatively, wait for DVDs).

23 09 2008

So, look at this quickly before it goes away…

23 09 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I’m not sure I want to know. The implications are horrifying.

23 09 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Funny. :D

23 09 2008

Another vote for Avatar! First season has some shaky episodes, but it has a wonderful pacing, characters that develop and grow, and a great sense of humour that’s clever enough that it teeters on the brink of fourth wall without actually breaking it. The Avatar writers were clearly drinking the same stuff the Pixar guys were to produce said quality work.

23 09 2008

Personally, I’m looking forward to watching How I Met Your Mother when I get back home, though Heroes wasn’t available before I went to work.

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