Not Really “Yay” But Mostly Better

8 09 2008

Fortunately, a lot of the 7Seas issues cited in my last post have been explained.

Burning up 800 bait in two hours = They loaded the bait, then the sim crashed. The rods don’t store your bait count on loading, they store when you catch something or when you un-wear the rod (which happens normally when you log out). It takes a very, very rare combination to cause you to lose bait to this, so I’m less worried now. I can issue a patch later which stores bait immediately after buying, too, so it’s easily dealt with.

Doublefishing = We still don’t know what caused this, but we haven’t managed to replicate it, either. The security check seems to work in every combination of rod wearing tried. It’s probably related to sim crashes and again, rare. Unless someone finds a repeatable, consistent way to do it — and given the doublefishing protection code’s been in place for months with nobody doing that — I’ll let this one go.

Slow contest boards = This unfortunately I can’t do a hell of a lot about. It’s up to about 35 fishers without issues, which is more than enough for most fishing areas, but in an ideal I’d like to get it to 40… that way we’re at the default avatar limit for most sims. (Private sims that turn their av limits up, well, we don’t have to support them.) It’s hard to put a precise finger on where the issue lies, with SL or with us… the tests seem to indicate SL is just f’ing slow. I don’t really know what to make of it.

Basically, I need to stop panicing about 7Seas stuff. It’s going smoothly enough and people are by and large happy with the upgrades. We coasted for two months waiting for mono without any massive downswing in public opinion, and that was with several really sucky bugs in play — bugs that are gone now. There’s a ridiculous amount of upside now, so the downside is even more minor.

Specifically, I wanna prep for the awesome that’s over the horizon. You’ve heard me rant about Rock Band 2 enough, so I’ll spare you today, but all bets are off when it’s released this coming Sunday. There’s also City of Heroes Issue 13 on the horizon, and I’d like to start really workin’ the mission creator for stuff beyond just our own internal DFB plots. And of course, there’s YARR, which I haven’t poked at beyond story theory and ponderance; getting some actual work on writing and designing beyond the skeleton might be fun.

And I had better start having a creative and fun time in my after hours, because my day job is gonna start sucking on ice this month. Ugh. However, Stefan Likes Not Being Fired For Blogging About His Job, so that’s all I’m saying on that.




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8 09 2008

Thanks for looking into all this. Yeah, sounds like bait is handled. We’ll presumably still get some “My rod forgot 100 bait after I loaded it.” but people seem highly tolerant of that and Sass or I can add the bait to their account without them fussing with a bucket directly.
Doublefishing. God only knows. Maybe SL was mistakenly processing things twice or something… Whatever, if it’s irreproducible, we’re good.
Slow boards. I think 35 is really reasonable. It’s hard to get that many people together for a contest unless offering mega-cash like Phelan does. He seems to be doing OK and understanding, so, hey.
So yeah, in the immortal words of HHGTTG, Don’t Panic!
And remember that although trouble like this pulls your focus in a negative way, 7Seas still has a rep for being one of THE fun things to do in SL. (for example)
Aside from people who for some inexplicable reason expected the system to do things it doesn’t claim to do, I can tell you the number of “not fun enough” complaints we’ve ever received or refunds ever given is _zero_.
Even when people do report a missing fish or want a bait replacement, they are simultaneously saying “I just love this game! It’s so great to have something like this to do in SL! Thank you all SO much, and the customer service rocks, etc…” They’re like, the happiest and most understanding bunch of customers EVER, overall. Seriously, you’d think we’re handing them free crack or something.
And yeah, people are ecstatic about the bug fixes (just think of the Oceanography Database) and new rod features. I have heard massive quantities of relief from people who know their score carries from rod to rod now.
Anyway, yes, focus on how amazingly robust the system is considering you’re building it in _SL_, and beyond that relax and focus on your other funnages. RE: gaming and positivity, you might find this interesting.

9 09 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

At least the only real negative here is the 35 limit, and that’s not a huge negative. Things could be a lot worse.
I’m glad 3.0’s giving us some breathing room. I’d like two weeks leeway for folks to upgrade their rods, and me to take a break and properly explore RB2.

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