Otakon 2008: Saturday

9 08 2008

Saturday ended up a bit more full than I thought it’d be. Some unexpected highs and lows. Seeing a pattern?

First, the BCC food may not be repulsive, may actually be tasty, but damn if it isn’t bad for my digestion. Diahrrea city, egh. I endured, despite needing to take a few trips back to the hotel room (crips can’t use public bathrooms in that scenario).

Dealer’s room coughed up more swag, much to my surprise. A few more rare figures and minifigs and such — and a NES/SNES hybrid shady electronic. I figure I’d play my NES carts more if I had a WORKING console to play them on. My front-loading NES is very nostalgic but even with a replacement PIN unit it plays games 1/5th of the time. I looked around for some shiny new SNES games, but didn’t find any… imported ones, sure, but no domestics. Mostly just Dreamcast stuff.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time was like a shoujo version of Primer. A lot of fun, well written, surprisingly well dubbed. And like typical shoujo it takes the entire epic length to get the “confession”, and even then it’s indirect and results in a vague yet hopeful future of great distance. (That’s hardly a spoiler given most romances in anime don’t end in storybook fashion.) I dunno… I’m too old fashioned. I like having a payoff. Enjoyable, but probably not something I’ll buy/watch again, given I’ve Seen It and that’s all I need.

Hit the gameroom again and squeezed in a few Rock Band sessions. Most of the curious onlookers had given up, so the lines were more reasonable… still 30-45 minutes a wait, but acceptable enough. I failed out Limelight thanks to a bad bassist, tore the house down doing Syncronicity II with a FULL COMBO, and did great at Tom Sawyer. Exit stage left.

Japanese pro wrestling panel was simultaneously too thin and too deep in content; bad for newbs, but not that interesting for old hands. Still, a fun way to kill an hour, and the video clips were appreciated.

The evening was failure incarnate, however. The Phoenix Wright mock trial was nearly a bust; half the cast was out with food poisoning / accompanying the food poisoning to the hospital. They couldn’t do.. whatever it was they had planned, so they did two rounds of 20 Questions with identifying someone in the audience and called it a day. It was fun in the “We’re at a con and wackiness is a group participation activity” sort of way but meh otherwise. And afterwards? Freedom Project was CANCELLED at the LAST MINUTE. Which sucks for people who’d skipped the earlier sessions of it in favor of the big 1-6 run in high def. Blegh. So, retired to the hotel room early.

Tomorrow it’s brunch with Gaffney, followed by Slayers Revolution, then probably right home. It’s been fun and weak and fun, and I’m ready to get back to a normal diet before my body expunges organs. Also need to sit down, digest, and start dreaming up VNs… notably gathering resources. I’ve had art and voice acting volunteers and such, but I believe in tuning my projects to the resources, to maximize without craving more than I can have. Pong Kombat Theory. Stay tuned to this LJ for more.




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10 08 2008

Sweet, have some fun for us, too! You’re Formally Invited to Sandwich Con II: The New York Musical!

10 08 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

It takes a LOT of effort and money to get me out of state. Hell, Otakon costs 1500+ dollars for hotel fees and parking and such alone. Add on top of that the difficulty of porting me and my support gear huge distances by car and it’s not something I can really do. New York in particular, being a vast urban metropolis without a ton of disability support.
As much as I’d like to be able bodied and able to hop a greyhound bus with nothing more than a backpack and a hundred bucks and go somewhere, it isn’t happening.

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