We Out / We In

7 08 2008

I’m off! Seeyah. I’m bringing my portableapps thumbdrive and Jen has a creaky old laptop, so maybe I’ll blog update from the con, but it’s not likely given the tight scheduling. So, either way, see you later!

Edit: One overpriced hotel wifi access point later and we’re online!

The hotel room rig is great. Andy logisticized everything and neatly and ordely sorted our crap into various places. We rearranged all the furni to accommmodate the scooter and such, and the Wii is working on a nice 720p high def TV.

Even nicer, at the con, we were able to snag Jen’s registration despite her not preregging because we were all part of one Disability Support Squadron. Otakon’s volunteers are, as always supremely awesome and willing to go the extra mile for the crips. Yay! …then we couldn’t leave the building properly because the elevator had broken down, stranding us upstairs. Whoops. They routed us to another elevator and we were back to the hotel room, after bumping into Sean Gaffney and saying hiya.

Now we chill here a bit, rest, relax, and prep for tomorrow. …this may be the only blogpost from the con since tonight is really the only slow point in the entire process. Ehheh. Anyway.




2 responses

8 08 2008

Glad things are going well so far for you. I’m not surprised the con staff was willing to help a Crip out, though! Bet they’d do the same for a Blood just to avoid getting shot ;)

8 08 2008

Have fun! I’ve got GenCon Indy next week.

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