Because I hate you all.

2 08 2008

Behold. Weep. Despair.

Thanks to David for the link. I’ll withhold his personal details so that you may not murder him.




8 responses

3 08 2008

I think I’ve just witnessed one of the first signs of the apocalypse.

3 08 2008

Have you ever heard of Florence Foster Jenkins? A worthy successor indeed.

3 08 2008

I have new appreciation for the Bee Gees’ original songs, now that they’ve been stepped on and made to yelp in agony.

3 08 2008

And here I assumed that would be a link to the new “Clone Wars” action scene-o-crap that they showed at Comicon:

The big tactical maneuver is “jump on it”? What is this, Super Mario?
I know where David lives, I can hunt him down. OOOHOHOHHOOHO

3 08 2008

Initial thought: “Pff. No one could be as bad as Florence Foster Jenkins.”
I humbly submit I was wrong.

4 08 2008

Dang, it looks like I have some competition.
Oh hai this is my old journal! Jen needs to add me, too.
– Keiko

4 08 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

You have more than one active LJ?
I DON’T KNOW WHO YOU ARE ANYMORE *runs away crying*

4 08 2008

I’m sure we don’t know anybody else like that. Keiko is an outcast leading a double life!!
(Keiko, I added you on both my active LJ accounts. *shiftyeyes*)

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