28 07 2008

Let’s take stock.

Last week, someone seemed to hack City of Heroes and steal everything from Foxtrot’s Company’s bins, using Foxtrot Charly’s name. This week, NCSoft confirms in email that what really happened was a dick named @VileTerror (@ArchVileTerror on an alt account) took advantage of FC’s lax base permissions to invite an alt named Foxtrot CharIy (capital I, not lowercase L) to steal everything and frame me for it. Oh, and NCSoft won’t do anything about it because our perms were lax, and it’s our own fault.

Oh, and I have to maintain “the high road” so I can’t lash back at this asshole — not that I CAN lash back at him in any way because it’s the Internet and you can’t punch someone in the face over it, all you can do is annoy them in stupid ways which don’t make you “better” than they are. Meaning the only people who can exist in this online space are Jerks Who Can Do Anything They Want, and People Who Roll Over And Take It Because There Is No Option Except Becoming A Jerk Too. It’s offical; the internet is basically an endless, bottomless suburban high school.

This weekend, 7Seas almost completely melted down with four times more nondeliverables than normal. As far as we can tell from looking at the debugging output and the scripts, it’s simply not reporting some items to SL even though it’s marking them as handled, which should not be physically possible in such a simple script. Meaning even WITH the additional debugging traces we’re planning to run, we have no idea how to fix it, and it’s just getting worse and worse with no hope in sight.

On the job… well, I won’t say, because I Enjoy Not Being Fired For Blogging About My Job. We’ll just say the situation could be better.

So basically, we have multiple servings of Betrayal, Futility, Chaos, and Failure on my plate, none of which are solvable problems.




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28 07 2008

how were our permissions ‘lax’?

28 07 2008

Zenith in a Mirror
At times like this the best way to look at it is, nobody targets a loser.
In CoH, you & your team must be effective and prosperous, right? No-one plans a frame job for one lousy can of beans. In SL, you & your partners are talented and successful. You could easily handle three or four problems a day, but 7Seas has massively more customers than that. So let the lesson you ultimately take away from this be: Damn, I’m good!
Oh, and Rotini. Put Rotini on your plate. Rotini tastes so much better than Futility.

28 07 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Open invitation, and all tiers could access bins. Mostly so we could have an easier time getting our own alts into the system and getting them loaded up… but only 95% of the folks in FC were DFB’ers.
Apparently we deserved it because we dressed provocatively didn’t run background checks on everything we invited.

28 07 2008

Re: Zenith in a Mirror
It’s not that we were prosperous as much that we were a bit too trusting, or not insular enough. Basically not being greedy bastards.

29 07 2008

Scripting problems in SL?
The ones you bring up sound like a definate problem, to which I can only say two words: Shockwave Yareach. Explain the problem and ask him for help if he has time. I think he can help.

29 07 2008

While I can see why they don’t reimburse most of “poorly set” permissions claims, lest they get embroiled in he-said, she-said over who was allowed to take that inspiration of +uber, but when someone obviously went out of their way to impersonate someone else and loot the entire base? That seems to be a pretty clear case of harassing behavior. They really shouldn’t get away with just saying “tough luck”.
It’s a pity too, as generally our GMs are pretty decent. You’d expect something like this more from one of the other MMOs I will not name where the GMs are both elusive and capricious.
To try to make something out of this sow’s ear, perhaps turn it into a feature suggestion. I don’t see why anyone short of the leader(s) should have perms to be able to loot the entire base, let alone the lowest rank. Some sort of limit on how many things one account can take from the base in a period of time would help.

29 07 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Actually, at the moment the problem seems to be in the PHP side of things. The script is processing items and marking them as handled, but not telling the SL item server about them, so they never get delivered. Which should be impossible given the simplicity of the script in question. We’re gonna run one more debugging trace on it to confirm, but if this is the case, we don’t know what to do.

29 07 2008

The way my RL friends and I are set up is that all but the lowest two ranks have full permissions, the next to bottom has everything but edit base and invite (my 10yo nephew is in this one, and is the only one there) and the bottom tier was in case we had someone outside the RL group who wanted to join, specifically to limit their ability to loot the base if they were untrustworthy.

29 07 2008

I know nothing about coding at all, so this is merely for my own selfish intellectual curiosity. Don’t answer if you don’t want to.
How do you tell if it’s the script not telling the server, or if it’s the server not “listening”?
(I’m sorry about the Mountain of Suck. Only way out is through…)

29 07 2008

I also sympathize. That is indeed a steaming pile. You know what the Joker would say? Don’t get even, get MAD. I wonder what he means by that? I guess I’ll ponder that while looking out my bedroom window at that dormant volcano…

29 07 2008

At this point, we literally need Calc to run a tcpdump while we’re generating a delivery failure. Seriously, we’ve run out of other explanations – especially because the way I set the PHP script up, it only moves each entry from the ‘in’ tray into the ‘handled’ tray (so to speak) after it has sent the entry back to the server.

29 07 2008

Meaning the only people who can exist in this online space are Jerks Who Can Do Anything They Want, and People Who Roll Over And Take It Because There Is No Option Except Becoming A Jerk Too. It’s offical; the internet is basically an endless, bottomless suburban high school.
I feel your pain. I’ve been having a lot of griefer trouble in sl lately. There is one person in sl that apparently has nothing better to do than annoy people in my sim all day long. We report her and she gets banned by SL. Then she comes back with a new IP and a new alt the next day. Then we report that one. It get banned and so on endlessly. Recently she threatened to sue our sim owner for “playing whack-a-mole with her alts.” We’re pretty sure that someone that has nothing better to do all day but annoy people on the internet doesn’t have enough money for a lawyer though.
Apparently also the Linden Lab TOS for “Intolerance” is either ignored or doesn’t include religion. I’m constantly having in world Bible Studies interrupted by griefers and what I like to call “evangelical atheists” trying to convert us all. I sent abuse reports with text chat examples but these people never seem to be banned and often the same people will return in the future to hand us more grief. So yeah, jerks seem to have an advantage online, but unfortunately I’m not so certain that its not the same in the real world. Its just easier to be completely antisocial on the internet.

29 07 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

It’s not the same in the real world, because someone can walk up and punch you in the damn face if you’re griefing RL. Or even if you aren’t up for vigilante retribution we have a reasonably good system of courts and jails that specialize in putting a stop to RL griefers. Disturbing the peace and harassment are actual crimes when you take it in RL as far as an online griefer typically does in SL.
Online, there’s no cops, no courts, no jails. Only business, and business likes being paid. A griefer’s money is just as good as any other, if not better, because the griefer is anonymous — you can’t facepunch and check a griefer’s wallet for a driver’s license. That means the Lindens are both eager to welcome the griefer back, and technically unable to stop him from coming back. Win-win for them, lose-lose for us.

30 07 2008

I found this site called maybe you can use it.
I found this site called maybe you can use it. It seems to help get me through the issues of dealing with some of the jerks I know. At least I can vent about these jerks, plus I get a kick out of sending them some cards.

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