In Which I Sort Out Where I Stand On Various Projects

21 07 2008

Putting virtual pen to virtual paper is a fine way to figure your life out. Methinks I’ll give it a go. Get a good overview, higher up view, big picture view, viewmaster view, Romper Room view, etc.

City of Heroes: Just wrapped a 2xp weekend and damn, man. I’ve never made THAT much progress in a single weekend in this game. Felt like 2.5xp or 3xp weekend. This is critical because the one flaw with COH is that the experience in the “TO/DO, No Travel, No Stamina” era is night and day with the “SOs, Travel, Stamina” era. Prior to that you’re furiously popping blues, getting your ass kicked, and slowly making your way through dangerous territory to get from door to door. After that you are actually, y’know, superpowerful and able to take on some pretty serious odds without breaking a sweat. The game’s just not that much fun to play when you’re still trying to get your core powers picked and slotted and your endurance burn under control. This is the one thing DC Universe Online is doing right. (Note “one thing”, because it looks like they’re doing everything else wrong.)
ACTION STATUS: Satisfied, for now. All my dudes are where I want them to be. I can let this sit until my next weekend play session.

Rock Band: Did a huge session this weekend; enough to realize that while playing in general is fun, it’s pretty boring just doing quickplay songs, and the usual quickplay songs at that.
ACTION STATUS: Give It a Rest. RB2 is going to introduce a lot more functionality and a lot more NEW things to do, so I think I’m gonna throttle this back considerably and TRY to stop obsessing over the game.

7Seas Custom Prize Giver: A major component of the 3.0 plan which we’re launching early. Given we’re earning massive cash off this enterprise I feel I should put in my effort on this, and getting some parts out the door now makes sense in that regard. It was one night of coding with potentially massive upside. But I haven’t heard back from testers, good or bad, and have no idea if it’s ready for primetime.
ACTION STATUS: Check in with testers! Drop an IM to the testers and ask them how it’s going; release later this week.

7Seas Fishing Rod 3.0: Code’s done, and Shad’s working on the backend today. I’m glad the majority of the work, even the stat system overhaul, is done. I was a bit worried about code crunch when Mono hits and everybody’s expecting their rods chop chop toot sweet etc. We should be ready to rawk.
ACTION STATUS: Implement backend, implement new key storage. Shouldn’t be too bad.

7Seas Bait: Minor thing; gotta add the security hash. Gotta add it NOW, this week, so folks who buy tons of bait ahead of time will still be able to use that bait when 3.0 rods hit and security becomes mandatory. Fortunately it’s just an extra parameter on top of the current bait output. …I think. Verify.
ACTION STATUS: Verify, then code it and give it to Meissa.

7Seas Oceanography Database: This one’s uglier, but needs to be done with the Rod 3.0 launch in order to enable Rod 3.0’s new features. Blegh. We can start by shuffling the integer storage to a secondary script; even with Mono I know this is going to be hideous on our memory limits, especially with the game expanding.
ACTION STATUS: Get to work on it.

7Seas Aquariums: These need some work. I have three different code bases when I really intended only to have one, and it shows. It’s ugly elbow grease work but it needs to be done if I’m going to pave the way for public options. Still, the other 7Seas items come first.
ACTION STATUS: Low priority.

7Seas 3.0 Contest Boards, Vendors, Boats, Servers, etc: Actually, while these are big projects, they can wait. We want people using 3.0 rods for several weeks before we launch everything else. That means I shouldn’t even touch this until Rod 3.0’s push is well underway. Most of the tweaks needed are actually quite minor… a new built-in bait dispenser for the vendor, stupefy the servers, etc. The board will be a larger chunk of code change.

Mad Science Institute: Ah yes, my eternally delayed side project. Meissa’s doing amazing redesign work of my plywood temp locales, and I do want to get this off the ground, so it’s something I can turn to any day I’m sick of working on fish gear, but I need the clothes and NPCs before I can really go any further.

Melee Maidens: Yep, I’m remaking my old SF2 rock/paper/scissors game in SL using the Melee Maidens branding. Problem is this requires a TON! of 100% custom avatars, as well as solving nontrivial problems like camera and lighting arrangement for photographing them. Once all of 7Seas 3.0 is in the bag, THEN I’ll consider moving on to this. I’d really like a day to come where I DON’T have a huge pile of fish on my plate, so to speak, so I can do other things like arcade games and MSi… but that day is coming.

Okay. So, we’ve got a lower-key focus on my hobbygames, an order of priorities for fishygear, and a promise of doing non-fishy things in the future. Not bad. I can work with this.




6 responses

21 07 2008

Quite a lot of work regarding 7Seas it seems. I didn’t know it could be hacked (given you apparently need security now). Any new Salvage yet? Hehe.

21 07 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

There’s no hacks in the wild, but I’m not satisfied with the communication structure we have right now; spoofers are possible. 3.0 will cut that problem out effectively.
We were discussing last night having our next catchable batch consist of parts for another blueprint; maybe the oft-considered Drink Cooler. We’ll see how it goes, the area of catchables is Jen and Meissa’s domain, and they’re given free reign to work on what they think is fun for them to make.

21 07 2008

Ah. I have ideas, maybe they’ll be interested in hearing them in-world. I’ll run a search and drop them an IM about things then.

21 07 2008

Assuming no one figures out how to talk to the backend. :) I’ll think a bit on that as well.

21 07 2008

I still maintain that the oceanography database doesn’t have to do fish tracking. A browseable fish catalog + ability to do fish targeting is plenty on the feature front!
Your part of MSI is on hold, but I’ll work on clothes since we need those for NPCs. Note to self… jumpsuit, catsuit/tux, labcoat.

21 07 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I’m fully prepared to axe fish tracking if I can’t find a viable way to do it even under Mono’s limits. But, I’m gonna give it an old college try, first.

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