Powerpoint of the Rich and Famous

16 07 2008

So, the majors have now wrapped their E3 promo work. We’ve also seen RB2 and GH:WT. Not that any of you likely care about my gamer rambly nonsense, but here are my thoughts.

MICROSOFT: They had one nuclear bomb in the form of Final Fantasy 13 going multiplatform, but really, they didn’t need any nuclear weapons; the game lineup is already stellar when you consider that it’s aptly named “90% Of All Current-Gen Games Of Importance”. Since everything and its digital canine is appearing on the 360 anyway in addition to Various Others, obviously the 360 can toot a horn a bit. So, solid, and well done stuff, with some good news for upcoming games.

SONY: On the other hand, since Microsoft got to go first, Sony couldn’t tout the fact that they too play most of these games; they’d look like an also ran. And unfortunately that’s pretty much what Sony’s conference sounded like. Big yet vague promises for the future (when you have to say “your patience will be richly rewarded” with a straight face it’s time to find a new job) capped off with a game so nebulous and ill-defined that it doesn’t even have a title beyond “Massive Action Game”. Maybe next year they’ll have something to show; this year was pretty unimpressive.

NINTENDO: And then you have THESE guys, who basically had two points to make. One, we’re rich. Two, here’s a slew of hideous casual-gamer abominations that will make core gamers recoil in horror and will make Rueters reporters leap to their keyboards to tell mom and pop the good news. The shining example here is Wii Music, which is not so much a “game” as a series of brightly colored lights and whimsical sounds that sort of but not really relate to anything you’re doing with your alleged controller. In other words, they’re marketing a Fisher Price Activity Center. Thank you, drive through.

ROCK BAND 2: There’s really very little more to be said about this, because HMX said everything on Monday. Set lists, features, challenges, interface improvements, DLC, RB1 ripping, etc. They blew their promotional wad all in one go, which is actually fine by me as I detest sitting around waiting for itty bitty info nuggets to plop on my head. The hard part now is going to be the waiting… the waiting for the release, and the waiting for the release date to be released.

GUITAR HERO WORLD TOUR: Now, here we have some actual new information via last night, but it’s one part awesome and three parts suck. Pardon if I break from one-paragraph-to-a-press-conference format here.

The awesome is the song creator, which is so freaking in-depth I’m shocked it’s not a standalone product. It’s beyond being a noodly little toy and towards being an actual tool to create listenable music. Now, the question is, will anybody MAKE listenable music with it, or will it just be used by a crew of 5-7 difficulty whores trying to make “Jordan Raping Freebird v2.0”? Dunno, but I’ve got high hopes for this one.

The suck parts are that there’s 1) STILL no setlist reveal, 2) the songs are hideously overcharted with impossible to play crap note structures, and 3) the interface and overall presentation of the game are, um… horrible. Like, an eye-burning candy coated technicolor nightmare of juvenile design. I don’t know, maybe “Looks Like a Seven Year Old Made It” is Guitar Hero’s “thing”? I’m starting to reconsider my plans to buy the disc-only version just for the hell of it… but if the setlist reveals songs I really wanna sing, I may go for it and just endure the suck.

7SEAS: Okay, we didn’t have a press conference. But this week, more specifically TONIGHT provided our fishers don’t drop another wad of admin drama in my lap like they did last night, I intend to code us up a custom local item server. I’d like to get these out to fishing area owners ahead of the big 3.0 transition, to give them time to load up with some unique local items before we get a potential influx of new fishers. I’ll have more on this as I develop it. Assuming I can develop it rather than spend all my time dealing with administrivia.

Edit: I love snarky liveblogs of E3.
“11:05 a.m. Now we’re on NBA 2K9. He says they’re main goal this time was to “deliver a full package.” Err, yeah. Incomplete packages usually get you bad reviews. Oh, now he assures us that they’re raising the bar and taking it to the next level. Thank god. I was really worried they might want to just keep the bar in the same place and stay on the same level. This is why we have press conferences.”

And here’s another one:
“10:57 Now your Wii Remote is a Hockey Stick!
10:57 And a pretend band!
10:57 Now it’s a ham sammich! (please don’t eat your Wiimote)
10:57 I am getting bored with people telling me what the Wiimote is.
10:58 Your Wiimote is James K Polk!
10:58 Your Wiimote is the Louisiana Purchase.”




11 responses

16 07 2008

I heard the XBox 360 price was dropping to $299. I imagine Sony cringing as a result.
In repulsive news, Wii is coming out with this gem: Major League Eating: The Game

16 07 2008

20 gig is dropping to 300 because it’s being discontinued. A new 60 gig for 350 will replace it.

16 07 2008

Hmm, that makes sense. Still a decent price.

16 07 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Ya srsly. Just scrape up another 50 and go for the real thing. Especially considering the upcoming option to install games to your HD for faster load times. (Still needs a key disk check but hey.)
I bought the pricey but nice 120gb upgrade awhile back for my plain jane 360. It’s probably never gonna be full, even when I do install my key games to it, rip RB1’s tracks, and buy a ton more DLC.

16 07 2008

A friend of mine was saying “7Seas needs Carp, Sunfish, Moray Eels, Octopi, Shrimp, *insert long list here”. Heh.
Custom servers? Are they going to be the new salvage?

16 07 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

We keep a list of fish types we’d like to make. All of those are on it, odds are. It’s just a matter of time.
No, custom item servers are a component of the fishing area kit. So, they’ll be a free upgrade for fishing area owners. They offer bonus items of your own design on top of 7seas items and thus make your local area unique.
We’ll also be open sourcing most of our pet fish system — Spinner, Bubbler, and Nicknamer. (We’re not giving folks our aquarium hooks for security reasons, and the fin-flapping animation engine is way too rough and user unfriendly for release. I learned the hard way with the arcade ticket system that folks can’t follow medium-difficult directions and I hate running tech support…)

16 07 2008

Yeah, all on the list basically. Some comments:
Carp: We have koi and I’m building goldfish someday. What other kinda carp do you need?
Sunfish: I have images for this, I could build one someday.
Moray eels: What, not a fan of our existing eels?
Octopi: We have the squid but people keep asking for octopi so… we’ll see what we can do.
Shrimp: I love shrimp. They’re one of my fave sea critters, especially reefgoing varieties. This will def. happen (probably with lobster)… hmm. Meissa is looking for something to release with the crabs. Maybe I should give this a shot next…

16 07 2008

P.S.: If your friend has a long list of ideas, send them in a notecard to me in-world. :)

16 07 2008

I’ll work out my part of the custom local item servers with ya (documentation and legalese) tonight.
As for E3 snark, I like the Penny Arcade summary:

16 07 2008

Heh. Add Giant Kraken, Blue Whale, and Yellow Submarine to the list :)
What are the next Salvage things you’re planning? If any? Just curious, because that’s what hooked me. Maybe a second version of the server-boat, but with a rocket engine in place of the regular one… or a missile sub, or Diving Sphere orsomething.
And what about adding “junk” items… true garbage like plastic 6-pack rings and the like. Just to have ’em.

17 07 2008

Have you done a fish stick yet? :)

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