The Embodiment of Meh, and I Can Haz E3 Naus?

14 07 2008

Weekend was kinda Meh. I poked at COH a bunch of times but otherwise nothing notable… just sitting there, restless yet bored, unable to work up any motivation to do much of anything. I’m not miffed that I didn’t code some fantastic work of amazingness, I’m miffed that basically nothin’ happened. Plus I made the mistake of popping in a netflix I had sitting around to try and cheer up… and had rented Babel. (Aka the “some days you just lose” movie.)

I need a good quick win to top off my blargh meter. So, since I can do it independently of the rest of 7Seas 3.0, I think this week whenever I’m in the mood to poke at something, I’ll work on the custom item server. Folks have been clamoring for it, it won’t be too difficult to code, and it’d probably be best to release these independent bits of 3.0 ahead of time so we can iron them out before the HUEG LAUNCH in August.

One positive thing is that this is E3 week. Although I’m only looking for nooz about a few specific games (notably my Nerd Factor 9 Joygasm Supplement, Rock Band 2) I do like keeping an eye on the industry as a whole. I am part of it, after all.

It’s still nearly impossible for me to get my head around, but it’s true — I am a successful independent game developer. I’m working with a strange platform (SL) and making unusual games (fishing and retrogames) but the results speak for themselves. As wonderful as my NWN mods were, I didn’t see dime one from them… whereas the casual games market has rewarded me well. I need to remember in the meh times that no matter how meh the meh, no matter how much it feels like 7Seas is never really “finished” or “ready for prime time”, it is a whopping success. And that’s a good thing(tm).

Edit: Looks like we’ve got our RB2 info-nugget of the show. Complete track list plus features including a track from Axl’s vaporware album Chinese Democracy, and support for ripping “most” RB1 songs to your hard drive. Awesome. Plus, 20 free songs during the fall.

The setlist and the RB1 questions were really the only things were didn’t know… all that’s left now is the release date. I’ll be buying whichever drops first, the bundle or the standalone. If it’s the bundle I’ll auction the bits off to Child’s Play. If not… well, we have Child’s Play fundraisers planned already, I’ll just make ’em extra awesome, I guess.




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14 07 2008

Man, if you think 7Seas is never really finished for you, think about how never really finished it’ll be for me and Meissa, building fish every few weeks till the end of SL (apparently)…
Seriously though, I know your chunk is huge too, especially as we’re just starting out! Personally, I’d rather build fish than try and puzzle out the giant startup mass of things you do in the 7Seas code and overall game design development.
And I think I can see why the eternal-ness of 7Seas must feel weirdly never-done. It’s like working on a MMO rather than a traditional game title / story / whatever that gets pushed out the door and is done.
That said, remember you DON’T have to eternally add new features and awesomeness. That’s what the content is for, the fish and other catchables.
We’ve only been open for what… four months now? That’s brand spankin’ new. The game design really seems to be settling into what I imagine it’ll be like for the long haul, now.
After that it’s what I hope would be comparably minor bugchasing, which is inevitable as LL changes their codebase (deliberately or not) to affect 7Seas…
It’s a weird creation because the larger chunk of it (game designyness and intial dev) is _sort of_ coming to a close here, but there’s still maintenance and your occasional “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” ideas you might wanna implement later.
On a totally unrelated note, I have some ideas for how to implement your MSi costumes — let’s chat that out sometime. And I should really break down and start tree-growing in Arboria! … and build more wings… eeeee

14 07 2008

I read the Bob Lefsetz blog because it’s about teh music biz and stuff, but he kinda slammed Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Which is weird, because he’s all about WE GOTTA DO THE NEW THING AND STOP THINKING LIKE IT’S THE 90’S, and when this cool new thing comes up that people like, he’s like, “Meh, flash in the pan.”
I don’t know if he knows how devoted gamers are.

14 07 2008

I can’t wait for MSi. \( ^ v ^ )/

14 07 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Game soundtracks as a way to launch songs — and earn direct revenue from them — are one of the many elements of “The Future”. Beats selling plastic drink coasters. I haven’t bought one of those in years, especially since they started getting paranoid and putting weird computer-damaging copy protection on them. Nowadays I get MP3s off whenever possible… no DRM, no system lock in, just the music I love.
FUN FACT: Motley Crue, epitome of 80s bad boy hair metal, launched their new single Saints of Los Angeles in Rock Band. It sold more copies through RB than it sold through iTunes.

14 07 2008

I’ll try and bash out the code for 3.0 this week. None of it looks complicated, I just need to get myself into gear again.

15 07 2008

P.S.: The other thing you can do independently of 7Seas 3.0 is make the aquariums have an option to accept fish from the public. I seem to recall you had some interest on that front.

15 07 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Yeah, that’s possible; mostly it’s just grindwork and completely unrelated to 3.0 stuff so I haven’t bothered. It’s a rainy day project.

15 07 2008

They’ve supposedly sold around 15 million download songs… Now compare that with pathetic sales for movie soundtracks.
Or, look at Guitar Hero 3, which sold something like 2.5 million copies (of the full game, not DLC). I don’t know how many bundles vs. non-bundles… but let’s call it about $60 each. That’s $150 million bucks… About the same that the Incredible Hulk and Wall-E have made!
“Flash in the pan?” Mr. Looking Forward is using a 17th century gun reference as the bottom line of his evaluation… that makes me giggle in a linguistic sort of way.

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