Doom From the Sky

5 06 2008

I don’t know if it made national news or not, but the Washington D.C. area (I live in those parts, in a non-specific, don’t-stalk-me way) got hammered incredibly hard by several rolling waves of storms yesterday. They were moving 60 MPH and some of them had tornadoes with ’em, causing a ton of damage and a couple deaths.

Fortunately, my parents were on the ball and phoned me up in my windowless office to say “Uh, maybe you should come home early…” because the first wave hit 5 minutes after my harrowing escape. On the way home even before the first storm hit I had signal lights out, road closures, forcible detouring into parts of town I had never been to before and had no idea how to get out of, etc. After getting home I had to be ready to dive into my bathroom for safety at a moment’s notice, and had to deal with the power rapidly flicking on and off. (Needless to say I unplugged the tivo and kept the computer shut down. Nintendo DS and Blackberry were my salvation.)

Creepiest bit is this photo my dad took of a vaguely funnel-like rotating cloud that formed directly over our freaking house, but never quite got up to speed. Aieeee.

This is the worst weather we’ve had in months. Even the snowfall this winter was nothin’ in comparison. And we have more storms lined up for the next few days… hopefully just “Lotta Rain” and not “Lotta Horror”.

Also on the terror list, an unspecified friend was chatting with us in IM last night, when suddenly they sent lines of gibberish as if their hands were being pulled from the keyboard, followed by ‘help’ and then disconnected. On top of that, their cellphone wasn’t being answered. Needless to say we kinda freaked and did the Happy Internet Dance of Not Knowing Someone’s Street Address Or Home Phone Number Because We’re Just Internet Friends And Thus Have No Idea What To Tell The 911 Operator.

After a tense half hour, we finally indirectly got to said person, and it turns out their Signifigant Other was just tickling them and they accidentally closed the IM window in the process and didn’t realize there was any panic going on. Aieeee. At least it was nothing serious / doomy.

Let’s hope the following weekend has less encroaching disaster, as a whole.

Edit: We’re off to a rocking start as no less than two hours after I get to work, half the buildings in the FDA network are shut down due to power failure and the employees are sent home. I get to fumble around a pitch black office for my iPod, climb down some stairs, and drive home with a cascade of traffic light failures and lane closures. LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL




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5 06 2008

Wow. That’s some cloud. And yeah, I have another friend in your area who was driving his aged mother home from visiting his brother in the hospital when that stuff hit. Not a happy feeling.

5 06 2008

Wow, that’s exactly like what happened here about 4 months ago here. There’s even a Wikipedia entry about it.
And this was the scary cloud over my house:

That cloud DID turn into a tornado after it moved past my house. About 20 miles east of us, it tore through some woods where no buildings or people were. Yays. :)

5 06 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

eeep. o.o; Stay alive, dammit! I like you! Go away, nature! *shakes fist*

5 06 2008

Look on the bright side! Day off from WORK!

5 06 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Nope. I’m on web duty via telecommuting. There’s nothing really to do but being on-hand in case of emergency postings is very important — in wake of a natural disaster of sorts medical devices can go haywire in interesting and terrible ways, and it’s up to us to get info up speedily to help people.

5 06 2008

Eep, weather.
And god, just READING about that IM thing gave me the twitches.

6 06 2008


6 06 2008

Seems like what actually happened was…
1) She was on voice chat locally, so the local folks knew what was going on.
2) She was also typing gibberish and a few instances of help, which would normally add to the comedy.
… except that #2 was not in local chat, it was in an IM window to me. DOH! Whee out-of-context!

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