Beach 08: The Jim Crow Golfing Experience and Wrapup

30 05 2008

We went out to Bob’s Eat and Get the Hell Out Grill. Good food, good stuff. Also got some salt water taffy and souveniers. Then we immediately went out golfing.

Two problems emerged. One is that this was a new course, and we didn’t check ahead of time if it was handicap accessible. It was… if you consider accessible to mean “On 1/3rd of the holes, the disabled golfer can’t play.” Place had more steps than an Escher painting. Thankfully Jen could carry me up and down steps but believe me, I was not a happy camper… they actually had mockingly labelled “Wheelchair Paths” that could lead disabled golfers to “observation” sections that would let them WATCH the rest of their party having fun without them.

So, if you’re ever in Nags Head and you get the opportunity to visit Mutiny Bay Miniature Golf… don’t. And I hope Google picks this up and it becomes a hit when people are searching for that place’s phone number and address.

Anyway, shopping + golf = wiped out from heat exhaustion since I wasn’t drinking enough fluids, so I crashed out and felt fried for the remainder of the afternoon. Had a big dinner with the family, medicated, evacuated, and am reasonably okay now. Just waiting until Battlestar Galactica, then waiting to go home tomorrow morning.

I’m not ready to leave. My body’s physically aching to get the hell out of here but my mind doesn’t want to go, because I know the hell waiting for me at the office. It’s gonna be one of those weeks of pure Confusion, Annoyance, and Frustration. Yay. Hopefully a restful, COHy-and-such Sunday will help me recover and be ready to face that.




2 responses

31 05 2008

“You must be this stupid to build this mini-golf course.”

31 05 2008

To make it that much more Google-able, I will also note that Mutiny Bay minigolf is in the Outer Banks, NC (North Carolina)…

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