Beach 08: Om Nom Nom, Etc.

30 05 2008

One of the joys of this trip — and the bane of my existence — is the food. Not specifically the meals, but the SNACKS. My god, the snacks. Mint chocolate chip ice cream. Doritos aplenty. Honey roasted peanuts and cashews. Brownies. Donut holes. And that’s just a minor sampling.

Problem is, snacking all day leads to gastrointestinal horrors later on. As lovely as all this is, I’m NOT looking forward to the weight I’m gonna put on, and I AM looking forward to getting my munchies back to normal. …but not before a visit to Bob’s Eat and Get the Hell Out Grill. It’s got chicken tenders to die and/or kill for.

I made the most of today by doing a shopping run, in which I picked up a ship inna bottle and a two-headed quarter for souvenirs. We also grabbed an Uno deck, because it’s a vicious and fast paced game of strategy and backstabbing and tons of fun. Also, an automatic card shuffling machine, because we suck at shufflinating. Finally, we visited Logan’s Ice Cream and actually met Ma and Pa Logan, who own the biz. Good to be supporting the little guy instead of just hitting up a Dairy Queen. All in all, an eventful trip.

Finally, we watched the MTV True Life special starring our good pal, Keiko Takamura. Naturally, it was framed as a salvo in the war between New Media and Newer Media, with MTV showing how that horrible Internet Monster will destroy your REAL life, because it’s a FAKE life, not REAL, and you should totally watch more television instead of being on the webs. Keiko came out of it smelling like roses, thankfully, and even SL wasn’t bashed — but the other two, a camwhore who thinks people want to read her blog for her deep thoughts and not for her boobs, and an IM addict who actually puts some value to chatting up guys online and exposing her boobs (see a theme?) were just sad cases indeed.

There was one defining moment of irony the special completely failed to notice. In one segment, we have them showing one’s Internet Boyfriend as a creepy and terrible thing to have, with background music akin to The Shining when it is discussed. In another we find out Keiko met her beau online and they click perfectly. The show didn’t even miss a beat with slamming one and raising the other. Oh, and let’s not forget the “Going out drinking and smoking and hooking up with guys in a fit of social desperation is healthier for you than talking to people online” message it hammered home. Lawl.

Oh! Also, I snuck a peek at the D&D 4e DM’s guide. I’m really impressed! It’s got charts and design forumlae for encounters, complete with City of Heroes style archetypes for designing your brawls effectively. I think I may enjoy running some D&D romps online. Especially since it seems a typical adventure only has 3-5 battles at most. I can swing that and fill the rest with rich, juicy story. The whole guide’s got some great, well organized suggestions on how to craft a good adventure module, much better than 3e’s guide was. Kudos!

I can’t wait to get my 3-book box set I ordered off Amazon so I can start poking at Insider with my book codes and see what extra services they’re gonna offer up. (Brilliant idea, by the way — I don’t like the steep subscription price, but the idea of a game table that lets you play D&D online is appealing since I have nobody local to me except J&A to play with. And the idea of offering bonus content to people with specific book keys registered is a smart way to beat piracy.)




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30 05 2008

Wow…game table? Now, if only they’d bring back TSR’s original Marvel Super Heroes system. Man, that was good.

30 05 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

If it helps, at last check, the online game table service was gonna be platform agnostic — you can run just about anything on it. Shame about the subscription fee but with 7Seas rocketing skyward I’m willing to pay for things that optimize my fun.

30 05 2008

Um. I have to say that I hate 4e. It’s not so much an RPG as it is a rather complicated board game…

30 05 2008

did you see the british documentary about people in second life relationships going to meet each other in real life? it was so terrible.
they always feel the need to paint SL (or whatever other online service) as the bad guy, while never placing responsibility for one’s actions on the person themselves. my own life is a great example of how it can work for you or against you, depending on how you wield it. on one hand, you have my stepdad, who is a totally cracked-out SL gamer who spends 23 hours at a time in-world, to the point of becoming unemployed and cashing in his 401k for lindens. he will soon be homeless and single, too.
on the other hand, you have my boyfriend and i. we met while doing educational builds in SL and despite being from different continents, will get married soonly (maybe next month, even) and buy a house together in england. it was the best thing that’s ever happened to either of us.
but still, it is what you make of it and not the other way around.

30 05 2008

Wow, MTV, I actually am on SL as much as I am because I’m of the belief that “going out drinking and smoking” is not the smartest behavior in the world and being a 20 something that severely limits my social life at times. Eh, I generally hate MTV. They stand for mostly everything I am against and I hold them responsible for the music industry now being image based rather than talent based. It used to be that you could be 100 pounds overweight but if you could sing well and wrote good songs, you’d still be famous. Now as long as you look hot, who cares if your music is any good. Lots of talented people are in relative obscurity so that the Fergies of the world can come on TV and look hot. Ok, that’s the end of my MTV rant, but its good that Keiko got on. I need to have her come back to the club one of these days.

30 05 2008
30 05 2008

(Mit helpful wiki!)

30 05 2008

Just another example of something new being demonized by people who are ignorant about it. Elvis. The Beatles. D&D. It’s not worth getting worked up over, because it’ll go away when something newer comes on the scene. Of course, this scenario is particularly sickening, I’ll admit.
you should totally watch more television instead of being on the webs
Sarcasm, obviously, but it’s more likely than not true. The whole point of putting a special about something on the internet on TV is to pull the fan base away from it long enough to get your ratings up and make some extra cash on advertising. No one is watching TV anymore. Why sit and watch MTV all day when you can turn on a podcast or watch whatever music video you want on youtube whenever you want?
Not only that, but I never used to watch TV. Shows I would watch I never did, because I was either busy when they were on or I was socializing (!) with my friends online. Now I can watch primetime online whenever the hell I want to. Yes I’ve heard of TiVO. Never owned it, and what’s the point of having two extra gadgets to do what my PC can do already?

30 05 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Yeah, but that’s just the client, not the service. A matching service is key, an ability to FIND games and organize them beyond just sitting down to play. NWConnections did that back in the NWN days and it worked great.

30 05 2008

Point. I suppose I just operate under the assumption that, well, my playgroup consists of people I already know.

31 05 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Myself, I like that aspect. Different strokes, different folks, etc, etc.
They’ve hybridized board game and MMORPG style approaches into it, and since I’m familiar with both, I like how that simplifies things. The rogue feats that let you forcibly reposition the enemy are also interesting to me; sort of like a stormy or a troller in COH.
On the whole I like my games math-lite and fun-heavy. D&D isn’t quite there, but they’re getting there. Enough for me to take a look and see if it works.

31 05 2008

I suppose I wouldn’t have a problem with the game if they’d called it something other than D&D. As it stands, it’s a fairly decent introductory RPG, a gateway drug of sorts.
But… Second edition was a cleanup and revision of first, and was badly needed. Third edition was a brilliant elaboration on the first two, 3.5 cleaned up some problems with it, and by this point it has an unparalleled richness to it.
4.0? It doesn’t actually follow on from any previous version of the game; it’s something completely different, and many of the most basic options from the previous games are suddenly unavailable (monks, barbarians, sorcerers, bards… even specialist wizards!). Maybe if they’d called it “Basic D&D” and marketed it separately, the way that TSR once had Basic and Advanced as two unrelated game lines.
That, and for some bizarre reason they felt it necessary to gut the Forgotten Realms setting, subjecting it to a DC-Crisis-level century of disaster in order to make the world AND its cosmology conform to that presented in the new core books. I can’t read that as anything but an insult to the fanbase.

31 05 2008

It wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened to a setting as a result of a rules/edition change. Remember Greyhawk?

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