So Close I Can Taste The Sand (…eww)

23 05 2008

Beach! Beach! Just one more day! Until then, I’m poking through various PC-type things, since the game consoles are packed up.

The Penny Arcade game is awesome. It’s harder than I thought it’d be, requiring good reflexes to block attacks and good planning to know when to save up for special attacks, when to use items, etc. I like it! But I got the 360 version, and quickly found out I couldn’t fumble the sticks and buttons and triggers fast enough. Since 7Seas has taken off I’m a bit more cavalier with money (which means I spend “normally” instead of “thriftily barring occasional spikes” as I normally do) so I decided to grab the PC version in addition. Glad I did; using the mouse makes the process a lot easier and quicker, and I’m having a lot of fun.

My Graduating Class of Issue #12 has been finalized, in City of Heroes. They are:

* Operative Thirteen, fallen hero whose luck finally ran out one day and is now obsessed with pragmatic pessimism and causing the ruin of others carefully planned schemes, hero and villain alike. (Soldier/Crab)

* Doctor Larceny, an 80 year old “mad chemist” villain from the 50s who wants one last run at the big time, when his arthritis medication made his knees CONTROL the weather instead of predicting it. (Mastermind/Thugs/Storm)

* The Uncivil Engineer, a day laborer Scrapyarder who takes up random violence jobs to pay the bills between constructing death ray lairs for mad scientists and weird technospires for Arachnos. Beats people up with a shovel, wrench, etc. (Brute/Mace/Willpower)

* Flora Fairchild, who is undergoing a secondary mutation that ties her more closely with nature and gaia’s weather patterns, and is finally getting a chance to go home — to a public that only knows her as a bioterrorist, mind. (Controller/Plant/Storm)

* Knight’s Fall, who is not technically BRAND new but is new enough, and is the restless spirit of a young hero who was cut down on her first mission and then shunned by her family in favor of a replacement hero. (Blaster/Archery/Ice)


Over in SL land, I’m pretty much just checking IMs once a day and then cashing out. Once we get back from the beach I’ll have time to do some 7Seas 2.2 dev work, work on MSi, and explore and socialize more. Being the creative workaholic I am I rarely do the latter two in favor of the former two, but.

Now, then! Back to waiting for vacationy goodness.




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23 05 2008

My own slate of reserved names, eagerly waiting for me to push a hero and villain to 50:
* Arbiter Jenkins, unfortunate victim of a time-travel accident that Recluse refuses to acknowledge, much less repair. He’s been permitted to keep his former future rank but not any of the privileges that accompany it, such as immunity from random beatings (and this latter point has been publicized). At least he has chicken. (Soldier/Bane)
* Football Widow, who joined Arachnos out of sheer domestic boredom and will probably arrange to have her good-for-nothing husband drafted once she advances a little. (Widow/Undecided)
* Lady Lightbee, a hyper-advanced AI with a force-field/hologram “body”, designed as a bodyguard/advisor/”companion” with powers that deliberately mimicked Kheldians’. Unfortunately the mimicry was close enough to draw Nictus attention before she was ready to actually guard her inventor’s body, and Amanda Rimmer now finds herself unemployed and holding a grudge. Smoke her a kipper, she’ll be back for breakfast. (Peacebringer/3-form)
* Q the Quantum Man, a returning member of the Hobo Army that nearly overthrew the US government in the 1930s before their Nictus overlords had a change of heart. What have the seven hundred cosmic hoboes been dreaming of during their self-imposed exile on the seventh planet? Perhaps an analysis of the cryptic signs Q scribbles wherever he goes will tell us. (Warshade/whatever)

23 05 2008

Hot day… warm sand… beach towel and smell of suntan lotion… Mom hands me a warm, red plum from her straw bag… I bite in, and them my baby brother barrels into me–“LA-LA!”
Sandy plum… “Go wash it off,” Mom demands… salty plum, a little sandy, too…
Ah well.

24 05 2008

Have fun on your trip to the Big Room, 2f. Don’t get eaten by bears or something.

24 05 2008

* Doctor Larceny, an 80 year old “mad chemist” villain from the 50s who wants one last run at the big time, when his arthritis medication made his knees CONTROL the weather instead of predicting it. (Mastermind/Thugs/Storm)
Man, where do you come up with some of these ideas, and I mean that in a good way. Although I’m curious to see how you explain Thugs hanging around with an 80 year old man :)

25 05 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Godless killing machines!

25 05 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Good neighborhood boys. They help him carry his groceries and so on. And they’re all thugs and punks and crooks, because he likes in the Rogue Isles. The heroic equivilant would be some good samaritans helping the local granny fight crime.

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