Beach Prepwork

19 05 2008

So, this weekend I was mostly offline due to Comcrash. Couldn’t get in COHing during the Saturday window. Didn’t get a lot done in SL. etc. I DID watch 10+ hours of the Venture Bros., which was awesome, and play a bunch of GTA4, which was less awesome but still fun enough to merit purchasing. I just wish they could come up with an intuitive shooting mechanic that didn’t require chording and four different control elements at once. Or they could just let us use our damn USB keyboards and mice. But anyway, that’s a familiar rant, so I’ll cease.

The real fun is coming up in five days, when we bail outta here and go to the BEACH. Outer banks. Nags Head. Duck. Minigolf. Ice cream. Games. Relaxation. AWWYEAH. Ahem. So, I need to start prepping, because nothing sucks more than a last minute packing rush.

Which basically makes the following a notes-2-self entry (or a notes-for-obsessive-stalkers entry, on the reverse side) but hey, my LJ, I can use it as my personal post-it note board if I want.

MONDAY, Wii — Aside from packing, get the ‘button cover’ for Mario Kart made. Pack Wii, power cord, video cable. I have a component cable on that thing right now, do I need to track down the original A/V cable or buy a new one? Bring both Wiimotes, the wheel, the zapper (for pinball, mostly), and the woodblock nunchuck holder. Fill a flipper with games.

For peace of mind on Monday, also track down my 4gb USB microdrive, and make sure the bookmark list on it is up to date. If it can’t be found then we may need to make a store run to get another. (I thought I had it in my bag, but that was just an old 1gb drive. Blargh.) If not, do this Tuesday.

TUESDAY, DVDs — Bring netflix rented Eragon and Jurassic Park for RiffTraxing. Pack Venture Bros., Torchwood, Death Note. Hm. Anything else?

WEDNESDAY, Rock Band & 360 — Pack up guitar, USB hub, microphone and if it can be fit in the car, the drum kit. Jen may need to haul this. Or we may have to leave it at home. Which would suck since I rarely get a LONG period of time in which anybody can learn drums; usually they try for five minutes, can’t figure it out, hate it, and dump it. If we had time to practice maybe someone would dig it. As for singing, dunno who’ll have guts to sing karaoke in front of a group, though… particularly when we’ve got nuns and old relatives joining us and I have stuff like “Number of the Beast” in my songlist.

Pack up 360. 360 unit itself, power brick from hell, regular TV cable (on the black desk), 2 controllers (remove battery units in transit), USB Wifi because hey, why not. Pack one CD flipper with games. Bring the woodblock holder.

THURSDAY, Medicene Bag — Check what parts Mom’s bringing (notably toothbrush/paste). Pack stomach meds, ibuprofen, shaver.

I’ll add more if I remember anything else.




7 responses

19 05 2008

Do any of these laptops have good enough speakers to RiffTrax with ’em? Should we bring speakers?
Mom’s interested in the Jurassic Park rifftrax. Maybe it could be a collective event, assuming folks can hear the snark.

19 05 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

If it’s not going to just be you/me/andy, yeah, we gotta bring speakers. Can you bring yours? We don’t need a subwoofer, just an ordinary pair of computer speakers that have a suitably loud volume.

19 05 2008

NOOOO SEVEN DON’T DO IT! Just say no to GTA4!! It’s expansive city and plethora of minigames means I’ll NEVER SEE YOU AGAIN!! D:
In any case, have fun at the beach. Don’t bring Cheetos, though. The seagulls know they’re edible.

19 05 2008

Yar, I think I have me some of those.

19 05 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Eh, I doubt it. GTA’s fun to wander in but I’m not the sort to do ANY one activity for endless hours in seclusion. I don’t SL constantly, I don’t COH constantly, I don’t TF2 constantly. About the only thing I’d do for many hours on end is a marathon of TV shows (Venture Bros) but even then I plan around those blocks to make sure I get other hobbies in.
The seagulls are cunning and vicious beasts who would sooner spill the blood of millions than go without the rich treasures of Frito-Lay.

19 05 2008

If you know for a fact that the TV(s) at the beach have component input(s), take the cable you’ve got; if there is any doubt at all in your mind, you’d better excavate the composite cable.
Oh, and make damn sure to have fun!

19 05 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I found the component composite cable; it was still in my Wii box. So, we’re good to go. I also found my 4gb USB drive, which is ironic since I paid $100 for it brand new… and now they cost $20. *sigh*

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