Winding Down and Up Simultaneously

21 04 2008

Crazy, crazy weekend.

Fri/Sat I was mostly working on my new Blaster in City of Heroes. I’ve got Dusty, but I don’t really count her as a pure Blaster… she has an awesome secondary I never get to use, since nobody wants to wait for me to set up an elaborate series of tripmine traps and caltrops and stealth based distance snipes and pulls when they can just ZERG into the fray and kill everything in seconds. So keeping that in mind I made a Blaster that pretty specifically hammers at the enemy with damage upon damage and doesn’t do anything else. The only secondary powers I’m taking are local area control — Ice has some fun tools for that, with Ice Patch and Chilling Embrace to ensure things around me are massively debuffed (shiver to cut damage, cold to slow attacks, patch to knock ’em down, etc).

So far… it has been a DELIGHT. I have access to Aim and Build Up, two tools I never had before thanks to playing an Ar/Dev, and they are a joy. I can’t wait to try them out on the Archery nuke (which is a sufficient hybrid between Full Auto and a true Blaster Nuke, in that it doesn’t drain me but does great area damage). On top of all that, I’m playing a ghost character, which I’ve always enjoyed from past MUCK type experiences.

In SL, things are looking up. There were still bricked rods and such but those tapered off as the weekend went along and I never had capped IMs. People are settling in to their new 2.0 lives and doing well. Item non-delivery is still happening but to a very small extent, and usually due to asset server failures beyond our control. I did have to deal with someone claiming that the game was haxx0rzed because they got a series of misses and Common/Uncommon catches with a L5 rod, but I specifically coded NOT to accept any external input that could alter your lookup tables, sooo… *shrug* a bad run is a bad run, okay? Deal with it. Oh, and this picture is awesome.

Jen’s been on the end of her rope setting up WingFling, which is her personal 2.0 hell… but even that will smooth out as the week goes on, it sounds like, and good for it. We’ve got a DJ’d party set up for next Sunday from 4-6pm SLT, which should be fun. I plan to load up on every song I have that mentions wings or flying. Including Mister Mister.

Once everybody settles in and we get back to normality we can resume doing regular 7Seas waves of new fish and items, which is a considerably hassle-free concept compared to doing system upgrades. Heck, last night I managed to make the craftable motorboat that’ll be in Wave 4, thanks to a free script given to me by Serenity! After some tweaking it works like a charm. I’ll patch a fishing server into it tonight then go looking for ocean sims to test it in.

And on the horizon? Rock Band albums (although none I wanna download until Nevermind, at least they’re coming), Teamfortress updates, beach vacation next month, COH Issue 12, and a less harried SL experience. Hurrah!




One response

22 04 2008

I happened to meet someone yesterday who was at the fishing area with the person who was theorizing haxorz. Seems like it was clear to at least some of the people there that it was just random chance!
Thank you for sympathies. ^_^ Things are really quiet on the WingFling front now other than bloggers trickling in replies on whether they’ll cover it.

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