Continuing Adventures of Upgrade Hell

17 04 2008

Last night I got capped IMs (30+) within three hours.

I decided to go in an even further idiot-proof the hat. Now it does a silent check to make sure you have your 2.0 rod out before it offloads its stats and shuts down. I should’ve done that from the start; I think my optimism was assuming people wouldn’t patently ignore the instructions being given. Hopefully, that’ll cut down on things.

Problem is, ye old “email is COMPLETELY broken” instead of “email is unreliable” bug has resurfaced and nearly every old rod is shut down — and some folks haven’t upgraded their fishing areas, either… so that factor may offset any leniency I gained by adding more idiot proofing…

One week. I tell myself: One week of this mess and then things should be sorted out. ENDURE.

I had a fun adventure in commerce yesterday. I think I might’ve posted about this before, so pardon doubles, but gave me $50 in pity money since I own an HD-DVD drive. GameCrazy gave me $20 in cash for selling Mass Effect 360. That means that I have come out $10 on top, since I paid $60 for Mass Effect 360 to begin with — I am now the owner of a Mass Effect PC preorder and a $20 MS Points card for Rock Band purchases. ’tis a weird, wild, digitally downloaded world we live in, folks.

Speaking of digital downloads, go buy Sam & Max Season Two. And Season One if you haven’t already. Go ahead, I’ll wait. You can get them at TellTale Games. They are AWESOME. Supremely awesome. And what’s more awesome? Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People is being developed by them as ANOTHER great episodic point and clicker, this time for the Wii and for PC! I love it — a small studio makes a killing on entirely digital downloaded games in a genre people claimed has been dead for ten years. SCORE. Makes me believe I can be successful, too! (’cause I am. Totally. Fishing has paid in return for all the frustration it causes.)




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17 04 2008

My roommate is considering buying Gametap, which has all the Sam & Max games on it, which will be great. I don’t actually own a PC myself, so I haven’t gotten the S&M seasons yet. But I hear they’re also porting them to the Wii! Squee!!!!

18 04 2008

Yet again, you’re a genius?
Bears repeating.
Strange how often your name pops up.
-=Pako “I can’t believe I used to be on LJ (and forgot my account)” Pako=-
Who needs to hunt for “Runaway” and “Grim Fandango” when you can stumble over “The Crown of Solomon” (and wait for “The Silver Lining”).

18 04 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Re: Yet again, you’re a genius?
Hah! Joke’s on them — that blueprint is for a cabinet that’s my size, and I’m 3 feet tall!

18 04 2008

I was floored by the Strongbad announcement. Telltale Games and Homestarrunner? Two of my favouritest things together at last! I think 2008 will be known as “The Year of Extremely Unlikely Gaming Crossovers That You Never Thought Would Ever Happen But Did Anyway”. Star Wars in my Soul Calibur? Sega in my Bioware AND Nintendo? Ubisoft in my Konami? What strange, eldritch bizarro world have I wandered into?
As for S&M Season 2 I’m MOSTLY in agreement – I felt the last episode sort of just threw everything into a mixing bowl and hoped the meatloaf will mesh with the danish with…. INTERESTING but not always altogether solid results. Some of those puzzles bordered on the “disguise yourself as Mosely in Gabriel Knight 3” level of frustration with its somewhat broken logic.
Also, I’m one of the unlucky suckers who have a problem with the music not playing for many scenes in the game. Curse WinXP 64-bit. Curse it all.

18 04 2008

Curse my completist attitude! It takes so long for me to overcome the block in my head that will not let me play a sequel before playing the original game. I’ve always been impressed with both the Monkey Island games and the Sam and Max ones in terms of their writing, but I have to date never played a one. I really should just knuckle down and buy the ones that I can.
Also, because I wasn’t right on top of the update in terms of what day it came on, I was momentarily convinced that SBCG4AP was some sort of April Fool’s thing. Now that I can assess it in the “actually happening” portion of my brain… it’s really a surprisingly good genre fit, actually. The Chaps are good at just the sort of pithy one- or two- liners that the genre demands. I’m looking forward to seeing it.

18 04 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Also announced today: Mortal Kombat vs. DC Comics. Not joking.

18 04 2008

Re: Yet again, you’re a genius?
Okay, that’s funny. Thankfully as we’ve seen, people can play sitting down… but that’s not very nostalgic!
Somebody should comment and point it out, since it might not occur to people who see “Oh, 55 inches tall”… but I’m not going to make an account just to do that.

19 04 2008

hey – I am one of those people who did not upgrade their fishing area yet. At one point, I got a message about Hippo sending me an upgrade from you, but it was never in my inventory (<3SL) and then I thought maybe it was just the rod.
Is there a way I can go to your store and force an update? Or should I just notecard you or Jen?
*don’t beat me. I’d have asked sooner but figured you were just getting rods sorted first, and nobody uses my fishing area but me really. i’ve had 3 sales ever from it, because it’s a bit hidden.*

19 04 2008

I thought you were lying. But you were not. Oh my.
I’m not too sure how I should feel about this – both are big media icons featuring badly-written, convoluted and contradictory storylines with backstories that are at the mercy of the “George Lucas effect” from publication to publication – and their respective universes are populated by impossibly-muscled men with superpowers and women who wear very little and have superpowers as well but they aren’t quite as powerful as the male gender. It’s like, “So what do either of the franchises have to bring to the table to make the mix… INTERESTING?”

20 04 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

In case you haven’t done it yet… IM me in SL (Seven Shikami) asking for an area upgrade kit. I’ll send one along. There’s no way to force it, afraid.

20 04 2008

Will do. It tried a second time to send it but I was offline, and while I always get inventory dropped directly on me from friends and such, auto-updater products NEVER show in my inventory unless I was live to accept it. Weird.
Also, the sushi fish are hilarious. They make me giggle.

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