The Lord Is My DJ, I Shall Not Want

11 04 2008

It’s weird, but it’s true.

Whenever I’m in a particular mood… angry, frustrated, depressed, in need of contemplation, in need of encouragement… I throw my iPod or iTunes on random. And invariably, the RIGHT songs spin up. It’ll give me soothing music, or exciting music, or inward-looking music, or nostalgic music from my teenage years… whatever the situation calls for.

Sometimes I prompt it by picking a playlist, say, “I’ll do my 90s list” or “I’ll do my quiet list” but even within those lists, it seems to nail exactly the right tracks, leaving out the ‘meh’ ones I might’ve put in there. It just… happens.

Fate, chance, divine intervention, the almighty hand of Steve Jobs, who knows. I’m just glad that when I gotta groove out, there’s a random number generator seemingly on my side.




3 responses

11 04 2008

So that’s where all the good picks have gone. I find itune’s random shuffle lacking.

11 04 2008

Whee! I’ve done this before with uncanny relevancy to my situation. I’ve heard this referred to as “radio divination”.
As I’ve always said about Chinese fortune cookies and horoscopes, it is indeed neat when they match up, and any fuel for consciously or subconsciously looking at your situation in a new (or reinforcing) direction seems like a good idea to me. So whether you “believe” in it or not, hey, whatever helps!

11 04 2008

I have a different theory: I think that the music itself influences you, so that whatever music you end up with is what makes you feel better or more emotional or whatever.

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