Boring and Annoying

11 04 2008

I haven’t LJed in much detail today because I have nothing to talk about except the continuing woes of 7Seas… Linden Labs bungled in a huge way and email communication between objects died. Which effectively shuts down 7Seas entirely.

We’re gonna migrate to Shadur’s new tech next week which has no email component whatsoever, but until then, we’re kinda boned here and reliant on the Lindens to stop sucking so much. But given they have sucked at a consistent and steady rate for the last three weeks, I have no faith.

Other than that, it’s just games, hanging out, and tomorrow night’s DJing at Extropia’s Yuri’s Night. Not much worth talking about aside from the ranting, which I’ve subjected you to enough lately, so Twoof out.




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