26 03 2008

Some links I’ve gathered up this week, several of which you’ve no doubt seen on the webs.

* Kings of Power 4 Billion is out. I’ve been meaning to watch this; I love that AIR video and Pirate Baby Cabana Street Battle.
* I love the first panel of this one. More available at Basic Instructions.
* There’s no such thing as too much portal humor.
* I want this on a pillow or something.
* Important information about free speech and security, a highly recommended read for the politically astute.




2 responses

26 03 2008

“Oh, B.B., you got me! I should have known… you… are the best.”

27 03 2008

Actually, it’s an AIH video, not an AIR. It’s Architecture in Helsinki.
Still, good stuff! Liked Kings of Power 4 Billion, thought not as much as Pirate Baby.

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