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25 03 2008

I like to stay organized, which is mildly ironic considering my apartment and office have piles and piles of cruft lying around, things that I haven’t put away / have no place to put / might need access to at some point / not bloody likely. But for my actual time used, I like to stay on top of what’s going on.

Over the last few years I’ve been learning the art of Doing What I Enjoy Doing, not just Doing What People Enjoy Getting From Me. That means flexibility, grabbing whatever feels right at the time and toying with it. But sometimes there’s so MUCH in the way of toys around that I like to get an overview of what my options are — not to plot out in exacting detail what my itinerary is, but just so I never sit there bored and not sure what to do.

Hence, this spreadsheet I whipped up the other day, which is either a triumph in self-realized recreational enjoyment, a sad statement on one man’s obsessive/compulsive needs, and/or both. Enumerated types allow me to sort my life by status/interest, and by how long any one activity would take to complete/enjoy properly. It’s also color coded by media platform. What do you think, terrifying cry for help, or positive example of self-actualization? You Make The Call(tm)!

In solidly good news, I fixed Skeeball. Havok 4 busted my Skeeball game beyond recognition, and I had a very real fear it could not be addressed and I’d have angry people banging down my door demanding refunds. The worst bugs in the world are ones you just can’t do anything about… the frustrating ones comprised entirely of random elements or factors beyond your control.

Fortunately things boiled down to two problems. One, the ball not actually bouncing consistently off the ramp, which WAS a Second Life bug and the Lindens DID take care of when I poked them with a stick often enough. Second is that in H4, the ball is more likely just to bounce off the pot rims and roll back down the table… so I fixed that with a dirty hack. If the ball hits a rim, it stops being a physical object for a split second (freeze!) then goes physical again and drops in or rolls out depending on how close you were to potting it. The game plays smooth… in the testbed I was working in. I pray it stays consistent when I start passing out beta copies. I don’t want another launch fiasco.




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26 03 2008

Guess I’ll need to get one of those whenever my sim goes to Havok4.

26 03 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

It worked decently in Zophar’s Havok 4 region arcade, so I bet it’ll be A-OK for when the rollout hits. If your sim gets it early, let me know and I’ll ship you a copy.
I’m thinking I won’t officially patch the game until H4 is SL-wide, though, to alleviate confusion… it’s hard for nontechnical folks to tell what their sim is running.

26 03 2008

So I assume the H4-jimmied skeeball won’t work in a non-H4 sim? (in other words, preemptively updating = bad, right?)

26 03 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne


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