R.I.P. Gary Gygax

4 03 2008

The creator of Dungeons & Dragons and the godfather of RPGs has passed on to whatever plane his alignment was sending him to, presumably Lawful Good. Vaya con dios.

I actually feel that game puns and jokes are a highly appropriate sendoff for the fellow, rather than being in poor taste, because I feel he’d *rolls, checks chart* be laughing along with them. So, feel free to post your own sentiments on humor form below. We’re all in this geekery together, folks.

As much as I felt the D&D ruleset got in the way of my storytelling abilities in my NWN days, I acknowledge that it’s one of the pillars of the gaming community, the inspiration of countless games I’ve enjoyed over the years and countless projects of my own. The man gave us a seed to plant a mighty tree we can all enjoy shade from. Plus, its fruits yeild +2 Intelligence (although overdoses can result in -2 Charisma and -1 Constitution if you eat too many cheetos).




13 responses

4 03 2008

Penalty to strength as well, I think, but you might get a bonus to your dexterity.

5 03 2008

I say he “ran out of hit points”.

5 03 2008

Stepped through a portal in the Astral.

5 03 2008

Failed his save.

5 03 2008

Broke his Staff of Power for a Retributive Strike.

5 03 2008

Dual-classed mage with kensai warrior class and ceased to exist under 3rd edition rules.
…. But don’t call me on that one.

5 03 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Oooh, nice one. You get 20 XP for cleverness from this DM.

5 03 2008

Well, you have to admire the guy, even if he failed his fort save vs. cardiac arrest. Happens to us all (though I bet he’s regretting the DeBeers contract for Expensive Spell Components right now…) eventually.
Have to admit, though, that there is one rather irreverent sentiment that I saw a couple people express that was somewhat appropriate…
“Ok, so what do I find in his pockets?”

5 03 2008

*falls out laughing*

5 03 2008

Ooh, I like that one! (All of them, but esp. this one!)

5 03 2008
7 03 2008

XKCD weighs in

7 03 2008

I mean, of all the things I didn’t expect to be cut out of 4th Edition…

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