Minor Populace Failures And Other Gaming Whatevers

3 03 2008

This weekend I did a wide variety of Gaming Stuff. As noted last time, I did more COH, although it was tanking again… still, I had fun, and that’s a plus. I was worried I’d never enjoy being a melee type. Seems I found my niche though since as a tank, I’m not expected to really focus damage or pick targets or be precise… just to tag everything that moves and try to keep them annoyed at me. I can do that. Still, it is COH, and COH is by and large a dull activity at the core. I enjoy it but definitely in small doses; anything more than 2-3 hours in a session makes me yearn to go do something else. (I like to mix up my free time activities, if I haven’t made that point stunningly clear across multiple blogposts.)

Then, I tried doing some online Rock Bandery… and found nobody with DLC songs, and was largely bored since I’ve done those songs to death already. If any one person in the four-man band doesn’t have a song, nobody gets to play it, which means effectively you never play any of those 40+ dollars of songs I got unless I wanna do it by my lonesome. Sigh. Maybe when I bring the kit to the beach things will change, since I’ll have locals to play with (assuming we can fit the drums) (assuming anybody wants to play them since everybody who’s tried gives up after ten minutes of frustration). But then again, we’re going to the beach with families, kids, and NUNS. Doing STP’s Sex Type Thing or Maiden’s Number of the Beast in mixed company is… aaaawkwaaard.

Finally, I tried doing some Team Fortressery… and found some success but was largely bored because I kept getting stuck Playing Dee as an engy for a team that had no cohesion and no defense whatsoever. I wrenchbanged away for a half hour at a time in sheer mind-crushing boredom because the few times I said “Screw this, I’m goin’ pyro” the enemy promptly capped the intel. The few times I wasn’t bored I was dead, because spies would waltz right up and sap, and/or kill me with a sidestab or headstab, and nobody did a damn thing to help. I gotta learn not to take pity on lousy teams and just disconnect in search of greener pastures, I think.

No, the only real success to be found this weekend was, again, in SL. Got a few more components of the fishing system squared away and locked down. Notably, AquaDash, my latest arcade game / fish crossover… but it has a problem, in that unavoidably the arcade owner has to set their arcade so people can create objects there even if only temporarily or the bubble blaster guns don’t work. A lot of people don’t wanna do that.

And honestly, whatever, if it eats into sales it eats into sales, it’s meant for rez-friendly fishing areas anyway — but even with the new “Click the box for important requirements and warnings” sign I put up I just KNOW I’m gonna have IM after IM, day in day out, “UR GAEM DOESNT WORK” and explaining that they should’ve paid attention before buying and then having to give out refunds or face angry customers.

If it gets too bad, screw it, I’ll pull the game from the arcade and just sell it through 7Seas. Hopefully it won’t come to that. But I’m tired of playing tech support monkey for jackoffs who can’t be bothered to read signs and instructions.

…huh. So I guess this weekend was mostly fail. Here’s to hoping the next one has less suck.




12 responses

4 03 2008

playing with you is always win to me, 2f.

4 03 2008

Wish I could have been on CoH this weekend with you.

4 03 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

There’ll be more weekends. I’d also like to squeeze in more offhand hours here and there on weekdays; I built up my dudes to be capable of soloing so I may as well. It IS terribly relaxing to just casually waltz through missions with a mastermind or my tactical stealth sniper.

4 03 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Even when I’m lighting you on fire in TF2? :D

4 03 2008

I solemnly swear that in 2115, the year Rock Band comes out in Europe, I will ensure that I have all the DLC I need to play online with you.

4 03 2008

OK I need subtitles for the first 3 paragraphs!
Things weren’t much fun?

4 03 2008

You’re just keeping him warm for the rest of his life. n.n

4 03 2008

In the year 2525
If man is still alive
If woman can survive

4 03 2008

Even then!!
Gets me more into the ‘ohhhhh, gonna git ya’ attitude I need for the game. ;)

4 03 2008

Re: ObPunchline
sadly, I promised myself ‘no more dlc’ until they fix my dlc issues. :/

4 03 2008

“But I’m tired of playing tech support monkey for jackoffs who can’t be bothered to read signs and instructions.”
AKA, Tech Support? :)
Seriously, though, keep up the good work. I’m starting to get back into SL again and part of the impetus is seeing how much you seem to be enjoying it.

4 03 2008

See my LJ icon for my guitar built and autographed by Zager. :D Yay for one-hit wonders!

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