26 Hours

17 02 2008

That’s how long I’ve been awake.

I’ve been gaming. And gaming. Professor Layton’s the first game since Puzzle Quest that I just could NOT for the life of me put down, even past dawn. I finally did let it slide, moved on to other stuff, but DAMN, yo.

Also dealt with some griefer schmuck, lit people on fire in TF2, found out I’d lost my Rock Band vocal skill due to lack of practice ;_; and so on.

I’ll have a more coherent wrapup when I’m less wired. My plan is to just turn in early tonight, not offset my day/night cycle because of this.

Edit: 36 hours! Woo! High score! .. … *THUD* zzzz. We’ll see if doing it this way helps me not end up with a screwball day/night cycle. I was generally alert if a bit twitchy all day.




5 responses

18 02 2008

Since you’ve been playing TF2, what do you think of CP_Badlands?

18 02 2008

Just picked up Prof Layton myself. Haven’t gotten far enough into it to not be able to put it down, but I suppose that’s coming soon. I liked most of the puzzles I’ve done so far (first 6), but not the matchstick dog one (it’s not much of a puzzle, more of something that you get after you already know the solution).

18 02 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

It’s got some good and some bad. The layout is confusing; it’s not the straightforward style of other maps, and the little wooden shacks with 3-5 turns to get in and out of them are a pain. Multiple routes are good things but I still can’t find much success as a pyro — it just means more places for people NOT to be when you’re trying to ambush, and more chances to run headlong into someone. That said, it’s a PRETTY map, and definitely more fun than the Wide Open Death Spaces of ctf_well.
Maybe with more practice it’ll work better, although I still haven’t figured out how to Pyro effectively despite 56 hours on him… if I light and run, they don’t die and they kill me. If I light and fight, they don’t die and they kill me. If I lie in wait, I’m sitting there for minutes, someone shows, I light them up, they don’t die and they kill me…

19 02 2008

Huh… have you seen the How To Play Pyro video? Pyro’s my main after Medic, and it still helped me. It really looks like a Pyro’s job is to get kill assists and disrupt enemy pushes.
Well, that and fry camping Engies from around corners.
Soon, there’ll be a update that gets you points just for blazing people, even without them dying afterward. Hope it’s SOON.

19 02 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I’ve seen the video, and I’ve tried that approach, but it rarely works for me.
Like I said, if I blaze some folks and then try to escape, it fails because they simply kill me while I’m retreating. The “back up while shotgunning” doesn’t kill them before they kill me, either.

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