Should’ve Known Better (Or, GameCrazy Fails Me Again)

23 01 2008

So I’ve got a free Hollywood Video rental coupon. There’s no really interesting 360 games available for rent; all three copies of Mass Effect are out, Assassin’s Creed is out, all that they’ve got are catalog titles.

So I think, “Smash Bros Melee’s coming out soon. I’ve never played a Smash Bros game. I should rent the GameCube one, and practice a bit using that on my Wii!”

But wait! I have no GameCube controller, just the wiimote, and my Classic Controller. So, I walk 15 feet to the left into GameCrazy, where the only employee on duty is busy playing Rock Band. I wait patiently for him to finish, then ask.

“Can I play GameCube games on my Wii with the Classic Controller? You know, the one you’ve got on the wall there.”
“Yeah, that’ll work fine.”

Guess what, kids?! Yeah. Doesn’t work at all. So I’ve blown a coupon, I have a useless game, and for the nth time in as many months GameCrazy is made of complete fail. I’m so glad I’ve stopped preordering through those guys… every time I want information they pretend they know what they’re talking about, even when they’re talking straight out their asses. *sigh.*

I’ll have trivia specs posted later. Gotta whitepaper up how the game’s gonna work first before I turn on the collective wisdoms of livejournal.




3 responses

24 01 2008

Yeah, it’s best to think of the Gamecube functionality as a Gamecube hidden inside the Wii but totally separate from it. People working on hacking the Wii have already figured out that everything Wii basically is shut off when it’s in Gamecube mode. I think you even have to reboot to get back to the Wii menu.

24 01 2008

Does the game boot up at all?
I ask on the off chance I actually get a Wii; I have a GameCube I was given by relatives that I use to pacify their tiny terrors when they visit my grandmother. I like backwards-compatibility.

24 01 2008
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

It boots fine. Even asks me if I want to use progressive scan. Problem is it turns off my controller and waits for an old gamecube controller for input, and I don’t have one of those.
Wii is basically Gamecube 1.5, sharing the same chips, so back compat is a trivial matter for it.

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