Spin the Black Circle

4 01 2008

Updated the Mighty DJ Contraption last night with more wackiness. Basically, while I had particle effects and a tiny light for the booth itself, I didn’t have the wacky spinny / stroby lights that normally accompany a good dance party. This has been amended. (That’s from my new flickr pool, by the way, which is dedicated to SL work.)

In addition, we’ll be doing a DJ bash tonight at Insert Coin Arcade, starting 9pm eastern, 6pm pacific / SL time. Theme tonight is RAWK. I’ve got classic rock, punk rock, metal, and more. Probably not the venue to debut the DJ Light Rig Hellacopter, but hey. Tonight’s event is to celebrate the release of VectorZone, our latest game, woohoo.

This is an example of that “2007 Didn’t Suck” realization I had. I’m creating and selling video games, AND doing crazy hobbyist side work like DJing and making wacky virtual DJ gear. I’m hosting events, having fun with friends, and generally living it up. Second Life’s been good to me, and I’ve managed to avoid the standard eye-rolling traps that abound in there to carve out my own existence on my own terms, one which bolsters my metal health in my first life considerably. Booyah.

Also, tweaked my LJ icon again. Smoothed out some of the stipple-dithered effects on the icon, basically. Onoz, changing the standards.




2 responses

4 01 2008

Hell-ocopter! ROCK!
Hobbyist creativity is the key to happiness, in my opinion. In an environment like that where you can also green up social, you’re good to go. :D And knowing your love of music, being able to show it to folks through DJing is extra fun!

5 01 2008

Dude, I’m sorry I missed it! Not sorry for you, sorry for me!! I was stuck in the dark all day because there was a huge storm that took out the power from about 7am to just now. :( Suuucccckkk. I was so BORED and you’ve been my savior on that front more than once. Hope the event went swimmingly in any case. If you ever get booked on that Paisley Beebe show, I really think you should bring out that vector game and make her play it.

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