Resolutions (Beyond 1680×1050)

31 12 2007

Onoz, I’m LJing twice within 24 hours! DOOM. Oh, and I gotta remember pick up Jen’s monitor this coming weekend. Oh, and New Year’s Resolutions…

Out of curiosity, I poked around my LJ entries from this time last year. Most of them were my big “coming out” announcing my various projects in SL, since until then I was trying to stay an anonymous tourist. But one entry actually pertained to NYRs, so I figured I’d reflect on that.

After Atari/Hasbro/WOTC getting all up in my biz and screwing with my plans to do commercial games, I feel absolutely thrilled that I am a successful independent game creator (via Insert Coin Arcade) and Atari is filing for bankrupcy. HAH! Take that, bastards! I did it My Way(tm).

But My Way(tm) extends beyond that. See, in that post, I was complaining about how too often I focus on not providing people with what they want out of me, on guilting out about not spending my time well, and not just ENJOYING my life and its various fruits. But on the whole, 2007 was a banner year for both creating neat things AND enjoying my life’s fruits. I played a hell of a lot of video games, watched plenty of TV, hung out with friends, slaked my thirst for creation, expanded our virtual empire, and had little to no major setbacks or dry spells or angst periods. I mean, there was the perpetual low-level angst of “am I doing enough?” but in hindsight… yeah, I was. I was totally doing enough.

So I’ll pat myself on the back for that one, and start to work on NYR 2k8’s. Continue 2k7s of enjoying my life, for starters. Upheaval is scheduled pretty firmly in 2k9 on the job front so I wanna get the most out of my current situation in life. I’d enjoy keeping my health and weight under control, or improved… I know that’s such a completely stereotypical NYR, but hey, there it is. I’m also keen on restarting my writing — iai has kinda faded since its relaunch due to the website’s massive failure to keep spam out and the general lack of interest, but I see it as a project I can pick up at any time I really feel like it, it’s not like it can croak when I’m not looking.

I guess overall… I want stability and happiness. I’m a big fan of stability, of staying the course and keeping the ball rolling and making sure the metaphors mix properly. Huge life changes and upheavals and screwing with the natural order are not my bag. So while 2006 sucked and 2005 was questionable, thanks to renewed focus and Second Life positivism 2007 generally worked so I’m all for trying to continue that into 2008. *clink glasses* Cheers.

Edit: Also new for 2008… new LJ icon! …it’s my old icon that Bryan O’Malley drew, just with purple hair. The green hair never really felt like me. And when I said I hate change? I really grappled with whether or not to change this since it’s been my banner/standard for years, but… alas. It had to be done.




5 responses

31 12 2007

Yay! So happy that last year ended up being a banner year for you and that this new year has so much going for it already!

31 12 2007
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Well, odds are I’m completely overlooking the suck parts in favor of keeping “on theme”. But compared to the year things were spiraling downhill with HX2? Yeah, it’s better now. I’m in firm control of my life and that counts for a LOT.

1 01 2008

I wonder if part of the attitudinal difference this year in the “am I doing enough?” equation is that in SL, the people using your stuff are… I dunno… more of a self-sorting population.
What I mean is, compared to people who are waiting around with bated breath for you to finish the next story / NWN module… the people enjoying your games are not thinking of them necessarily in the same way, in terms of anticipating upcoming releases to include every promised plot element / feature…
So as a result you seem to just focus on how you want it to be, what makes you most satisified with what you build, etc…
Hrm. Not sure if this makes any sense…? Zzz.

1 01 2008

Overlooking the suck is a good idea. I’m having issues with that right now because I’m fighting part of the suck right now. :D
And I really think that the control was mostly due to your relinquishment, not your lack thereof. SL is good because you retain complete control of your creativity and output, kind of along the lines of what Jen is saying below. You’re doing it for yourself (which is what you should’ve been doing all along) instead of trying to cater to the whims of your fanboys and make sure that they’re completely satisfied. Not saying that the audience isn’t important, but this is an outlet for you, not your career.

1 01 2008

I totally understand your point! And I concur.

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