For Those About To Rawk

27 12 2007

So, last evening was all about the rawking.

For starters, I did a marathon rampage through Rock Band with Keiko and her SO, and lo, it was fun. There was a bit of a communication breakdown but I got to play guitar, which was actually a nice change of pace — if I try to plonk out my inconsistent Medium difficulty riffs online usually I get eye-rolling from folks shredding it out on Expert. But not so when playing with friends! I was able to contribute and even without voice chat I could sense the “band dynamic” via careful deployment of star power, observing my companions strong and weak spots and countering them, etc. Good times… good times.

After that, it was all about developing the Mighty DJ Contraption project a bit more. I placed a classified ad for my services (although I doubt anybody will notice; it’s more the principle of the thing). Next, Jen and I went to Abrimations to shop for some ROCK animations.

See, the problem is that in SL, typically people go to “dance parties” and use “dance balls” to pick various Sexy Club Dances. (Because by raw percentage of avatars men practically do not exist in SL. Except when you peek behind the keys odds are the percentage neatly inverts itself…) Sexy Club Dances are sexy but inappropriate for White Zombie unless you’re a stripper. What I wanted was a Headbanger’s Ball instead of a Dance Ball — something that offers up moshing, throwing up the horns, spazzing, mild grooving, or just sitting there mellowing out. Animations you’d see at a rock concert. It’s the only way to play me some Tool and Ministry in SL without the attendees looking like, well, tools.

Fortunately Abrimations had a TON of viable candidates. Most of them look silly but SLers seem to enjoy looking silly, and it still looks better than doing a slow gyrating ass shaking dance to entice males for mating purposes when I’m blasting out Graveyard BBQ.

Finally, I got Jen working on some new screens and particles for the contraption. The initial raw materials look promising and if I coordinate well enough should really boost the experience. Also, I bit the bullet and paid for a full month’s rental stream; that way I can DJ at the drop of a hat just for practice or just to entertain my friends. Rawk. Fun times ahead!

Edit: Decided that I’ll coincide the retail release of VectorZone with a rock-themed DJ session at Insert Coin Arcade. We’ll be hitting the floor at 6pm SLtime (Pacific) on Friday, January 4. Good way to ring in the new year!




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