13 12 2007

Sick. Got a cold, I think. Always seems to happen after I fly somewhere. I had a cold through the first half of my Disney vacation… now I’ll probably have one for the first half of my at-home vacation, dammit. Gonna telecommute tomorrow on account of the office needing me at my post, but they’ll have to cope with me not being AT my post, if ya know what I mean.

The Charity Benefit goes on as planned. I pre-recorded my DJ Patter(tm) since my voice’ll probably be fugly tomorrows. Sets are looking good; some game remixes, j-pop, then Keiko, 80s-by-request, nerdcore, and DDR. Note that to actually REQUEST and 80s track for that block you have to be in SL, but I will have to stream posted here for web listeners to listen to, at least.




One response

14 12 2007

Well, I posted about the event via the Shopping Guide, plus it got some promotion via one of my friends’ blogs. So hopefully some fashionistas will stop by and donate some money. :D

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